A vicious Staffordshire bull terrier | Source: Shutterstock
A vicious Staffordshire bull terrier | Source: Shutterstock

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS—46-year-old Paul Striegl was smoking inside his yard when two dogs attacked him, costing the Northeast side resident one of his arms.

The dogs, reported as both American Staffordshire and Pitbull mix, were owned by Gregory Palmer.

They are male and female, and both were not spayed or neutered.

Someone from Palmer's home let both dogs out in their own backyard, unaware that they could crawl under the fence and into Striegl's property.

Neighbors and passersby tried to intervene and save Striegl from the dogs, but not before damages had been done.

The victim sustained serious injuries on his stomach and left arm, which had to be amputated later.

In an interview, Striegl's roommate Charles Sutton said that his friend didn't even get the chance to escape.

“They went under the fence so fast; Paul told me he didn’t have time to get up and run from it,” Sutton said.

He said they also hadn't had any problems with the neighbor's dogs in the past.

San Antonio Police District questioned the dog's owner while Animal Care Services took both dogs for a 10-day state-mandated quarantine.

After the investigation, ACS determined that only the male dog bit Striegl. After the municipal hearing, they decided that the mutt must be euthanized.

On the other hand, the female dog was released back to Palmer's custody, who is now facing two citations for his dogs being on the loose and another one for the attack.

SAPD is yet to confirm if Palmer will be facing any charges.

Watch the full report by KSAT 12 below:

This is not the first dog attack incident in San Antonio just this year alone.

A Texas couple were indicted just last month after their three dogs attacked 81-year-old Ramon Najera in their West side neighborhood in February.

Also in August, a Pitbull and a German shepherd attacked a 76-year-old man who luckily survived but not after undergoing a series of surgeries.

These incidents prompted State Representative Elizabeth Campos to propose the “Ramon Najera Act” at the Texas Legislature.

This proposal aimed to increase the criminal offense of any pet owners with dangerous dogs.

It would also make removing dangerous dogs easier for ACS.

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