New Canine Clothing Line Helps Decipher Breeds
Photo: Port Washington News

If you bring your dog out of the house with you, chances are you’ve been asked what breed he is many times. Even if your pet is a purebred, there are always people who want to know what type of dog he is. If this constant questioning annoys you, now there is a simple fix. Deziner Dogs’ new canine clothing line will advertise your dog’s breed right on his back for everyone to see.

The company was created by Heather Lehrman. Deziner Dogs offers a line of accessories and canine apparel for small breed dogs. She says that she created the tank tops, hoodies and leashes to fill a need in the pet industry for little dogs.

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New Canine Clothing Line Helps Decipher Breeds
Photo: Port Washington News

Lehrman knows the pet industry and she’s got access to a lot of dog owners to perform her market research. Why? Because she is also the proud owner of a dog walking and pet sitting business too!

Lehrman had been a Long Island resident her entire life and decided to move away from the South Shore about seven years ago. She invested in a dog walking and pet sitting franchise that provided service to residents of Rosyln, Port Washington and Glen Cove. The business allowed her to build relationships with many customers.

Port Washington quickly became the business’ hub, and that’s why Lehrman decided to make the city the headquarters for her new business, Deziner Dogs. Her dog walking and pet sitting business also allowed her to build a relationship with the owners of a local pet boutique, Unleashed Pet Boutique.

The boutique began distributing Lehrman’s business cards and she even started walking the dogs of the boutique owners. Lehrman was impressed with the boutique, so she started sending her clients there for dog supplies, grooming tools and natural and holistic pet food. Logically, when she launched her new business Unleashed was the first store she wanted to see her products in.

Referred to as their “I am a…” line, Deziner Dogs offers hoodies, fitted tank tops and retractable leashes that are specially fitted for some of the most popular small breeds including Pugs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Maltese. Sizes for some new and trendy breeds like Westies, Cockapoos and Teacup Poodles are available too.

The company is hoping to add other items to its product selection soon, including fitted raincoats. They also donate 5% of all their profits to S.N.O.R.T Rescue, an all-volunteer non-profit organization that is based in the Northeastern U.S. They rescue brachycelphalic breeds (breeds with scrunched noses) including English Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers.

New Canine Clothing Line Helps Decipher Breeds
Photo: Port Washington News

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I have two large breeds, a 58-pound boxer and a 65-pound chocolate lab. Labs are one of the most common and well-known dog breeds on the planet, and they have very noticeable features. It’s not often that I get asked what breed she is, but I am often asked about our boxer.

We know many other owners of large breed dogs, and they’re often asked about their pets’ breed too – especially if their dog is a mixed breed. I think there may be a niche for these hoodies and tank tops in the large breed market too. What do you think? Do you have a large breed dog? Are you often asked about his breed or do most people already know just by his appearance?

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