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New Casper Dog Mattress is Guaranteed to Be the Comfiest Bed for Pups

New Casper Dog Mattress is Guaranteed to Be the Comfiest Bed for Pups
Photo: Casper

A new mattress for dogs has hit the market, and it promises to be the best bed you’ll ever get for your pooch. The mattress was designed after significant scientific studies were conducted into the sleeping preferences of dogs, and it has nothing but canine comfort in mind.

Studies find that dogs spend more than half their lives asleep. The folks at Casper think that if anyone deserves a comfortable snooze spot, it’s our dogs.

The development of this bed entailed a whopping 460 hours of lab testing, 110 prototypes, and almost a full year of canine sleep studies. Wow! The company guarantees your dog will be comfortable by giving purchasers a 100-day trial period, and offering a full refund if you find that your dog is not totally comfortable.

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New Casper Dog Mattress is Guaranteed to Be the Comfiest Bed for Pups
Photo: Casper

So, what’s the secret behind this crazy comfy mattress?

There are a few. For starters, it uses pressure-free memory foam, which supports the dog’s body as well as contouring to it. This is especially beneficial for older dogs or pets with hip and joint issues.

This mattress sets itself apart from the rest by including ergonomically designed pillows (headrests) – because just like humans, dogs love to have head support while sleeping. These headrests also serve to cater to a dog’s need to find safe sleeping in enclosed areas (a need carried over from their ancestors, who needed to be safe from predators).

Lastly, the mattress is made with extremely durable microfiber, in order to withstand the “digging” instincts dogs enact on their sleeping areas. The material is not only strong, but also mimics the sensation of moving dirt and debris around!

Casper has created this bed to be easy for owners to clean. It is constructed with nylon fibers, which are heat bonded and create a barrier that is almost impenetrable to fur. When you want to clean the bed, the cover is easily removable; just toss it in the washer.

The mattress was made with longevity in mind. Casper claims the bed will not sink, slump, or lose its shape over time. So, no more buying a new bed every other year! This one should last your dog’s entire lifetime.

Bonus – the metal zippers are hidden inside sewn-in pockets, so they won’t scratch your floors.

Beds can be purchased on Casper’s website for $125-225. They come in sizes small, medium, and large. There are 3 color options to choose from.

New Casper Dog Mattress is Guaranteed to Be the Comfiest Bed for Pups
Photo: Casper

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This seems like a great investment for dog owners. We put so much money and energy into our own beds, because we know how much a good or bad night’s sleep can impact the rest of our days. So, shouldn’t we consider doing the same for our canine companions who spend more hours sleeping than we do?

If you think about it, you will spend about $75 or so on a bed for a large dog which is flat, flimsy, probably not that comfortable, and definitely not guaranteed with a refund. After about a year or two, you have to go spend another $75 or so on a new bed because the old one is wrecked.

It's rare to find a dog bed that is designed with pillows or digging habits in mind, let alone finding both features in the same product. This seems like a one-time-only investment, which is awesome for your wallet. More importantly, it will give your dog the vital comfort that is needed for a 12-hour-per-day sleeping habit.

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