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New Ecommerce Site Being Launched by Marshall Pet Products

New Ecommerce Site Being Launched by Marshall Pet Products
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Marshall Pet Products has been a leader in the pet product industry for many years, and now they are looking to give customers easier access to their Earth’s Balance brand. They launched a new ecommerce site for the brand last month so that customers who may not otherwise have a way to purchase the products could order them online.

In 1939, Marshall Farms became known as one of the leading ferret breeders in the world. Then, nearly 55 years later, in 1993 they established Marshall Pet Products to not only provide consumers with everything that they would need to raise ferrets, but also for any other pet they may have.

Now Marshall Pet Products offers goods for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, and gerbils. They sell pet supplies in every category including grooming, nutrition, treats, supplements, health care items, toys, cage accessories, harnesses, travel accessories, litter, odor control, and so much more.

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The company has been selling their brand of Earth’s Science natural solutions for quite a while now, but they are looking to make the products available to consumers that may not have a local retailer in their area.

New Ecommerce Site Being Launched by Marshall Pet Products
Photo: petproductnews.com

Linda Cope, global marketing manager for the company, says that the goal is not to take business away from current distributors, but simply to serve customers who may not be able to purchase the products otherwise. The new site will also enable the company to bring new products to the market faster.

Earth’s Balance offers customers a line of earth-friendly solutions to everyday pet problems like skin irritations and itching, urinary problems, breathing trouble, and digestive disorders. Their family of safe natural products is designed to help pets and their owners live healthier, happier lives.

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Natural remedies for common problems have been becoming more and more popular in recent years. As consumers learn more about the negative effects that the harmful chemicals in commercial remedies can have on their pets, more people are looking toward natural treatments to keep their pets healthier and cure their issues faster.

Marshall Pet Products understands the need that pet owners have for more natural products and they want to make their Earth’s Balance brand available to consumers all around the world that want a healthier alternative for their furry, or feathery, companions.

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