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New Pet App Helps Organize the Largest Dog Wedding in History

The largest canine wedding in the history of China happened this month, and it was all thanks to the help of a new social media app geared toward dog owners. The app, called Smack Talk, has only been available for about three months, but has already gained millions of followers.

The app is available on iPhone and Android in Simplified Chinese. It is a social media app that allows dog owners to create profiles for their pooches. The goal is for pets to get to “speak” to each other via their human companions.

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Much like in the U.S., the pet market in China has exploded over the last few years and domesticated pets have become indispensible to many families. An estimated 200 million Chinese families own a pet and the numbers have increased by no less than 10 percent every year for the last few years.

This boom in the industry has brought with it a large increase in the technology that is available to dog owners, and Smack Talk is just one of the many new apps available. Zhang Zhongshan, Smack Talk CEO, says that through the app, pet owners are allowed to organize interactive behaviors for their pets like showing pictures, seeking help and advice, venting their emotions, and even searching for a marriage partner.

Growth of Pet Industry in China Proven By Largest Dog Wedding Ever
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Other mass dog weddings have been held in different countries, and they seem to be becoming more popular. Zhongshan says that the idea for this wedding came about because the company is striving to promote the development of the pet industry and improve the social lives of pets.

He says the day was not only designed to provide a lasting memory for pets and their owners, but also to promote the awareness of animal rights.

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More than 21 canine couples got hitched at the ceremony, which was complete with the exchanging of tokens and the receiving of a marriage certificate. Celebrity guests were even present including Teng Haibing, an Olympic champion, and his wife Ma Qiuzi, a film star.

The doggy wedding was complete with brides in tulle wedding gowns and grooms in bow ties. A traditional wedding march played as the couples walked down the aisle to “exchange their vows.”

In fact, no expense was spared in the planning and organizing of the event. The couples arrived in BMW convertibles and even one Hummer limousine. Organizers set up lavish decorations including flower arches and bountiful banquet tables.

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