New Study Backs Up the Need for Consistency in Dog Training

A new study proves that canine short-term memory only lasts about 2 minutes, but as this video explains it’s not quite so cut and dry. The study shows that humans remember lots of trivial details about day to day events, but dogs don’t need to remember that type of information, so they don’t.

A natural instinct of dogs is to remember the meaningful things that pertain to survival. They remember where their food is located, where they can get water, and other information about important necessities. All the minor details get forgotten because dogs simply don’t need to remember it.

This research backs up the importance for consistency in dog training. Dog owners need to be on top of their dog’s bad behaviors so they can discipline them as they’re doing it and not minutes or hours later. If your dog has an accident on the floor and you don’t notice it for 20 minutes, he’s probably already forgotten about it and the learning experience is lost.

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