Northmate’s Slow Dog Feeder Will Make Your Fido Work for His Dinner

There is new information coming out every day about dog health and nutrition, and we are seeing a lot of changes in the dog product industry that are being fueled by these discoveries. One of these trends is slow feeders. These devices come in all different models. Some are electronic, and some, like the Green Slow Feeder from Northmate, are just specially designed devices that require your pet to work harder for his dinner.

Green is designed to look similar to blades of grass. It has 43 blades, to be exact, and they are all smoothly rounded so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting poked in the eye. Just like your dog loves to dig and root around for things outside, he’ll love trying to get to his kibble when it is “hiding” in the Green slow feeder. All you have to do is pour his kibble over the Green feeder and let your dog enjoy pushing it around and working to get every last bite.

Slow feeders are ideal for slowing down dogs who gulp their food in a matter of seconds. They also reduce the chances of bloat and help fight obesity. Eating too quickly can cause many health problems, but with slow feeders your dog is forced to spend more time eating. Slow feeders are all designed differently, but as you can see in the video above, the Green slow feeder requires your dog to lick, push, and nudge the food out from between the nubs of the feeder.

The device is made from phthalate-free hard plastic. It is durable enough to be used outside, and it is dishwasher safe. Kibble works the best, but you can use this feeder with wet dog food as well. I’m sure that may get a little messy, so it’s a good thing the Green is easy to clean. This versatile feeder will work with any dog regardless of his breed or size.

This slow feeder has an outer lip that can hold about 0.4 liter of water. If you add water to soften your dog’s kibble or add wet food to the feeder, the leftover liquid won’t leak out onto your floor. This product won the Best in Show award at the 2013 Global Pet Expo and also took home the Pet Industry Award for Dog Product of the Year that same year. If your dog needs to slow down while he eats, this Green slow feeder will do the trick!

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