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One Dog’s Misfortune Brought Luck to Others in Need

One Dog's Misfortune Brought Luck to Others in Need
Photo: Facebook / Quasi the Great

This incredible story has raced through Facebook touching our hearts and compelling people to adopt dogs who have a physical condition. Quasimodo is a German Shepherd who was rescued in very bad shape. On top of the neglect that he had suffered, Quasi also has a very rare genetic condition.

Quasi's collar was almost choking him, as he had outgrown it but couldn’t remove it. It was causing him pain, and who knows how long he had been in this situation. His story is heart breaking, but the outcome is so inspiring!

The poor dog couldn’t turn his head side to side or look up. He couldn’t even stoop to get food off of the ground. He even had a malformed tailbone. But besides all of that, he has an extremely rare condition called Short Spine Syndrome. Apparently there are only 15 recorded cases of dogs having the condition, making it one of the rarest diseases affecting dogs at birth.

One Dog's Misfortune Brought Luck to Others in Need
Photo: Facebook / Quasi the Great

Short Spine Syndrome can also be found in humans, but little is known about it. Now that people are seeing these cute pictures of Quasi, more interest is growing around the syndrome in the scientific community. Beyond that, though, is a stunning upswing in people interested in adopting and helping dogs with physical issues.

The organization that is looking after Quasi, Secondhand Hounds, has had people calling from all over the place wanting to adopt Quasi.

Although he is not currently ready to be adopted, his internet fame has led to adoptions of other dogs at the organization. What’s even better is people have heard about Quasi and felt so moved by his condition that they asked to meet him and help at their shelter.

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An incredible organization helped to transport Quasi from the shelter that picked him up. Mobile Mutts Rescue Transport arranged for Quasi to be driven all the way from Kentucky to Minnesota, where he was able to have surgery for his malformed tailbone.

One Dog's Misfortune Brought Luck to Others in Need
Photo: Facebook / Quasi the Great

Now Quasi is staying with a foster parent who works with Secondhand Hounds, Teri Woolard. She is not sure if she will keep Quasi for good or really how long he will live. He can run like other dogs but needs assistance washing certain places he can’t reach.

Quasi uses a lifted food and water bowl to account for his immobile neck. He is carried sometimes too and seems to like that. He’s affectionate and loving and there’s no doubt he will always be cared for. Quasi has even become very popular on social media! Over 250,000 people currently ‘Like' his Facebook page.


As this story hits hundreds of thousands of Facebook homepages, people are considering adoption because they are realizing how big the need is. You can find dogs with similar needs in local shelters and adoption organizations and they make great companions. Quasi is now living in a home with other rescues who have had a rough go of it, but they are still happy and have a great life.

The more people that see these adorable pictures of this incredible survival story and hear about Quasi, the better. He has truly become a major inspiration to so many people. Not to mention, his story has already helped numerous other shelter dogs.

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