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An Open-Air Dog Spa Opens in Arizona

An Open-Air Dog Spa Opens in Arizonia
Photo: Sierra Vista Herald

Everyone enjoys a little pampering and relaxation every now and then, and the same can be said for our canine companions. What could be more relaxing than an afternoon at the spa while enjoying the beautiful dessert landscape of Bisbee, Arizona? That’s exactly how you can spend an afternoon…if you have paws, that is.

Amber Holt recently opened an open-air dog salon for the modern pooches in Bisbee. UltaMUTT Style offers a unique grooming experience for pets that can’t be found anywhere else. Holt recently relocated to Bisbee from northern Idaho, where she owned and operated a mobile pet grooming business and a snowmobile school.

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She is a certified groomer with many years of experience. She received her master’s certification in grooming from the Northern Idaho Pooch Parlor Grooming Academy. Although Holt sold her mobile grooming business before she moved to Arizona, she kept all of her grooming equipment so she could care for her own four dogs.

She set up an outdoor grooming area in the lush backyard of her home, and that led her to pick up professional dog grooming again. Her back patio is the bathing area where there is an elevated step for the dogs to stand on while they are being washed. They don’t have to be lifted up or confined in an enclosed tub like they would at traditional grooming salons.

An Open-Air Dog Spa Opens in Arizonia
Photo: Sierra Vista Herald

When dogs are brought to UltaMUTT they receive a pawdicure first. Their paws are soaked in an all-natural solution that includes aromatherapy oils. After a short paw massage Holt begins to bathe the dog. From nose to tail she gives her clients a unique spa-like experience with calming techniques, aromatherapy, all-natural products, and massage.

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Holt cleans the canine’s eyes and ears, performs de-matting and de-shedding if need be, trims the nails with a buffer instead of clippers, trims and shaves the dog’s pads, performs a sanitary trim on the hind end, and even gives the dog a blueberry facial massage treatment. She finishes the doggy spa treatment with a blueberry vanilla cooling spritz and an emu oil treatment.

On top of all of that, each treatment also includes a client consultation where Holt examines the dog for any issues. She doesn’t diagnose, but she looks for possible skin issues, lumps, whether the dog is favoring one leg over another, and any other problems she may find. Then it is up to the dog owner to seek help from a veterinarian.

Holt is now considering expanding her business to include dog food delivery, pet sitting, and other services for her grooming clients.

SOURCESierra Vista Herald
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