The Orapup Bad Breath Brush Keeps Your Pup’s Breath Fresh

Stinky dog breath is a battle that all dog owners face. Veterinarians and groomers typically recommend brushing the dog's teeth, but that can be impossible with some pets! The Bad Breath Brush from Orapup is a much easier way to kill bad breath germs without having to brush your pup's teeth.

The brush comes with Orapup's Lickies flavoring that can be squeezed on to the brush to entice your dog to lick it. As your dog repeatedly licks the brush the bristles clean his tongue and remove the bacteria that cause bad breath.

The Lickies gel is fortified with all-natural enzymes that fight bad breath and reduce plaque and tartar build-up. If the Bad Breath Brush is used daily it will reduce bad breath and promote overall oral hygiene.

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