Pet Owner Kills Man Who Poisoned His Beloved Dog
Photo: The Asia Wire / Ladbible
In China, a man whose dog got poisoned chased down the man who did it and got ultimate revenge by killing the offender.

In the city of Yangzhou, located in the Jiangsu province, a man has been going about killing dogs by administering lethal injections of poisonous chemicals to them.

Well, this man decided to poison the wrong pup. After this person gave a poisonous injection to one specific dog, it would become his last canine murder.

The offender had reportedly killed about 6 dogs in the area.

Security footage shows the dog killer riding on a scooter and shooting the dog with a poison dart and fleeing.

Pet Owner Kills Man Who Poisoned His Beloved Dog
Footage of Pursuit.
Photo: The Asia Wire / Ladbible

The dog’s owner immediately heard his dog cry out and ran to find out what was wrong. He found his dog crying and lying paralyzed on the ground.

Ruthless Retaliation

Instantly realizing what had just occurred, the owner jumped into his car and quickly caught up with the scooter. In a John Wick-style fit of rage and vengeance, he slammed the man into a cement pillar and through a brick wall with all the weight of his car, and the man died at the scene.

When authorities showed up at the scene, the dog killer was dead and the owner was immediately taken in for questioning.

The driver and his family claimed that he “got the pedals confused” while driving and did not intend to run the man into the wall and kill him.

Owner Slams Dog Thief Dead Through Wall With Car
Photo: The Asia Wire / Ladbible

The owner is currently under arrest and awaiting trial on charges of manslaughter.

A relative of the deceased man reportedly said that even if this man was in the wrong for killing the animals, the other man did not “have the right to be judge, jury and executioner.”

A Different World for Dogs

The way dogs are treated in China is entirely different than the way they are treated in the U.S. Sometimes they are pets, but sometimes they are food. Often, they are mistreated.

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There has been a significant spike in the trend of poisoning dogs to sell to the meat trade. According to Humane Society International member Wendy Higgins, this cruel practice often results in people’s beloved pet dogs being murdered. She says the animals can suffer immensely.

Just this past December, Chinese police performed a bust which resulted in 200,000 poisonous darts, which were intended for this use. Eight gang members were arrested and sent to prison for selling the darts.

Pet Owner Kills Man Who Poisoned His Beloved Dog
Dogs Up for Sale to the Meat Market.
Photo: AP / The Guardian

The darts were filled with the muscle relaxant suxamethonium. Authorities issued warnings that the people who consumed this contaminated dog meat were also in danger of being poisoned by the dangerous chemical.

Dog meat can be found at many restaurants in China. The demand for it has resulted in a large-scale and organized meat trade.

Darts on the scene
Photo: The Asia Wire / Ladbible

This trade is now facilitated by underground criminal activity. As many as 4 million cats and 20 million dogs are murdered every year.

Stopping the gangs who perpetuate these crimes in the first major step in the right direction.

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