Owner Walks Dying Dog Around Pennsylvania Neighborhood for the Last Time
Photo: Courtesy of KJ Waruneck

Neighbors around Dupont, Pennsylvania, waited on the street to witness a dying dog’s final stroll on June 3, 2023.

Owner Kevin Curry organized a final walk for his Boxer and Pit Bull mix dog Mellow, which recently got diagnosed with lymphoma.

In a letter sent out to his neighbor’s mailboxes, Curry shared his dog’s condition and that Mellow “will be leaving for doggie heaven in June.

dog Mellow takes its last walk in the neighborhood
Photo: Courtesy of KJ Waruneck

Curry and Mellow walk the neighborhood twice daily “every day — rain, snow, or shine.”

But due to Mellow’s battle with lymphoma, the sweet pup “slowed down throughout the years” and, unfortunately, has a few days to live.

So, Curry wanted to let Mellow bid its last goodbye to the neighborhood that made the pup’s life “so much richer than any rescue dog could have hoped for.”

Come out to pat me on the head or rub my belly, and I will be forever grateful (I love people, after all),” the letter states.

Letter of Mellow's last walk around Dupont Pennsylvania
Photo: Courtesy of Mary Jule

On Mellow’s last strut, Curry didn’t expect the entire neighbor would show up.

There were groups of people at every corner of his route, waiting on him,” says KJ Waruneck, who runs the town’s community page.

“…people stood back and just watched and (wept). It was a pleasure meeting this brave boy.”

Some children even made signs and messages for Mellow on its last walk.

On behalf of Mellow, Curry stated in the letter, thanking his “caring” neighbors who “looks out for one another so well.”


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