max the miracle dog and kerry irving photo
Kerry Irving and Max the Miracle Dog | Credits to The Keswick Reminder

Kerry Irving, owner of Max the Miracle Dog, is a recipient of a prestigious recognition and is the first person to be awarded the Freedom of Keswick from his beloved hometown.

We've made history. It's the first time the freedom of Keswick has ever been given out.

Irving and his English Springer Spaniel dog Max have helped and funded various organizations, including the Great North Air Ambulance.

What he's raised will save lives,” the organization’s Hannah Powell claimed.

Max Paddy and Harry help fund charity
Paddy and Harry continue to help fund charity | Max Out in the Lake District Facebook Page

Along with Irving’s dogs, Paddy and Harry, the team has raised more than £300,000 for charity.

The Keswick Town Council was “very proud” to give out the award.

Clerk Vivien Little also proudly stated that the council “couldn't think of a more worthy recipient.”

Irving and Max became an online sensation during the pandemic by going on walks in Lake District.

When you see the number of people who turn up and support us on our charity walks,” Irving recalled. 

“…it's just phenomenal, and it's all because of a dog. That is quite incredible.

Irving credited his dog Max for “saving his life” while he was in pain and suffering from depression after a traffic collision.

Max the Miracle dog bronze statue at Keswick Hope Park
Max the Miracle Dog bronze statue at Keswick Hope Park | Max Out in the Lake District Facebook Page

Trained as a therapy dog in 2016, Max the Miracle Dog was also a recipient of the prestigious PDSA Order of Merit, the animal equivalent of an OBE (Order of the British Empire).

With Max’s “outstanding contribution to society,” a bronze statue was erected at Keswick’s Hope Park as a memorial of the dog’s passing on April 6, 2022, due to a brain tumor.


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