real life dog detectives help find lost and stolen dogs reunite with their owners
Dog detectives help find lost and stolen dogs reunite with their owners | William Lailey (SWNS)

Border Collie dogs Diesel and Skye are on a mission to help lost, stolen, and injured pets find their way back home by sniffing them.

Owner Jennie Alton from Wigan, England noticed Diesel’s ability when it helped track a friend’s lost pet in the forest in 2017.

So, Jennie decided to train Diesel.

She started by letting the dog sniff out her children’s pieces of clothing while the kids go hide in the field.

He found them every time,” Jennie recalls.

Dog detectives Diesel and Skye Help Find Lost and Stolen Pets
Dog detectives Diesel and Skye help find lost pets | William Lailey (SWNS)

With Diesel’s incredible scent-tracking skills and Jennie’s passion to help other pet owners, they joined the charity DogLost — where the 3-year-old Skye came into the picture.

Four years later, after helping different organizations and tracking nearly 100 dogs, the team decided to branch out on their own.

And since January, the sniffing duo has saved 7 lost dogs together with their owner.

Jennie, who helps for free, emphasizes that:

There are so many missing dogs and some people just don't have a clue where the dogs have gone so it's really good we can help – especially when you see them back with their owners.”


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