Three-Legged Dog Returns to Football With New Prosthetic Paw

Despite having one of its paws amputated, a small Schnauzer that enjoys football has learned to kick a ball.

After discovering a tumor in Freddie's forefoot, the veterinarians informed Freddie's owner, Bob Boyle, that his cherished dog might not survive.

His only hope was to have the limb partially amputated. 

Freddie's new prosthetic paw
Freddie received a high-tech prosthetic paw. Photo: SWNS

Freddie miraculously recovered after surgery at Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hertfordshire within a few weeks after receiving a high-tech prosthetic paw.

In one of the first procedures in the UK, vets placed the prosthetic over the elbow joint of Freddie's leg.

Then, Bob had to coordinate with Freddie to ensure he continued with frequent physiotherapy appointments.

He was delighted when, despite some initial reluctance, Freddie quickly learned to adapt to his new limb.

“We first thought Freddie had either jarred his paw or that a grass seed had worked its way in,” said Bob, 70, of St. Neots in Cambridgeshire.

Freddie's Journey to Returning to Football

“When we learned what was wrong, we were incredibly shocked and concerned. Freddie is very sociable and confident with other dogs and people, so we were worried about the effect this would have on him.

However, following the successful operation and after just four to five weeks of using the prosthetic, he was walking, trotting, and running around on his walks. He even now loves to punt around a football.”

Freddie's journey to returning to football
Before his career was cut short by a tumor in his forefoot, Freddie competed in agility contests. Photo: SWNS

The director of physiotherapy at Davies, Diane Messum, stated:

“Freddie has been the perfect patient from the very first day.

The surgical wound needed time to heal before Freddie returned for his limb casting, from which the prosthesis would be made and for which he stayed perfectly still.

Freddie may not have liked it when the prosthetic was initially applied or removed, but after lots of reassurance and treats, he now associated it with a limb that can give him the freedom to explore with his sister, Gertie.

He has learned to walk and trot again similarly to how he walked before his amputation, and his skills now even include football.”


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