Patent Pending for Wheelchair That Would Allow Dogs to Sit and Lie Down

Best Friend Mobility, a company that manufacturers wheelchairs for dogs, has created a chair that would allow dogs to sit, lie down, and stand up without ever needing to get out of their wheelchair or get any assistance from a human.

The chair uses adjustable spring tension, as you can see in the video, to permit the dog to sit or lie down, and then get up simply by walking forward.

This technology would be an amazing advancement in its field. Instead of having to be put into and taken out of their wheelchairs numerous times a day, this chair could save dogs and their owners a lot of hassle.

Seeing the chair in action in this video lets you get a good look at how functional it is. The dachshund in the video is able to run, play, sit, and lie down in the chair without any assistance from his owner.

Video from Ronnie Dobbs

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