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PawsitiveFX is Helping in the Fight Against Animal Cruelty

PawsitiveFX Helping in the Fight Against Animal Cruelty
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I don't know about you, but I love supporting companies that give back to charitable organizations. When I spend my money I want to know that I'm buying a quality product, but I also want to know that my money is going to a trustworthy company that cares about consumers. PawsitiveFX is one of these companies.

They give back in numerous ways to many different charitable organizations, and the company's latest efforts will be benefiting the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Paws for a Cause is the BC SPCA’s main fund raising event during the year, and this year PawsitiveFX is a flagship sponsor for the walk and will not only be entering a team into the event, but also trying to raise funds for the cause up until the day of the walk.

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Last year the BC SPCA conducted nearly 9,000 new cruelty to animals investigations. Sadly, the number continues to rise each year. Donations to the organization help fund the enforcement of animal cruelty laws and cruelty prevention and education programs. Under the banner of Paws for a Cause, multiple walks happen all over British Columbia during the event, and it all culminates in the Stanley Park, Vancouver event on September 13.

PawsitiveFX Helping in the Fight Against Animal Cruelty
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PawsitiveFX is a Canadian company that is dedicated to improving the health and happiness of our beloved pets. Their products are made with 100% natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for pets, and also sustainable for the environment. Sustainability is a huge issue in the pet industry right now, so I’m always looking for products that use sustainable ingredients.

With the increasing human and pet population there is no doubt that our resources will eventually run out if we continue to use them the way that we do now. Companies like PawsitiveFX are as concerned about our environment as they are with the animals that their products help. I think it certainly says something about the character of a company when they go above and beyond to make their products the best they can be.

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On September 13th, PawsitiveFX will have a tent staffed with members of their team who will be giving away product samples at the Paws for a Cause walk, and they’ll also offer the public an opportunity to enter a drawing to win a fantastic pack of PawsitiveFX merchandise. The company will also be hosting some fun and games for event goers of all ages.

PawsitiveFX Helping in the Fight Against Animal Cruelty
Photo: positivefx.com

Currently their product line consists of all natural balms for ‘Happy Paws,’ ‘Strong Paws,’ and ‘Happy Snouts.’ Happy Paws is specially formulated to soothe dry, cracked, chapped or rough paws. It helps to prevent irritation, maintain paw health, and moisturize the pads of your dog’s feet. Strong Paws protects your pet’s paws from all kinds of rough terrain including hot ground, cold snow and ice, rocky terrain, and salt. Happy Snouts is formulated to provide your dog with relief from a dry, cracked and chapped nose. It is also unscented so it won’t overwhelm your pup. The company will be releasing a flea and tick shampoo and conditioner soon as well.

If you dig a little deeper into the company’s background, you will find that they give back in so many others way too. Their “Giving Back” program gives 25 cents from every 2 ounce tin and 10 cents from every .25 ounce tube of balm they sell to charity. The charities they partner with include the Cesar Millan Foundation, The International Fund for Animal Welfare, and of course, the BC SPCA.

This year the company's goal is to donate $20,000 to the cause and if you’d like to help them get there you can donate through their dedicated fund raising page for the Paws for a Cause event. If only every manufacturing company were so caring! It’s not often that you see a major manufacturer doing so much to give back to the community that supports them, whether it’s the human community or the canine community.

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