The Pawz Away Threshold Keeps Your Dog Out of Unwanted Areas

Most pet parents have a room or area in their home that they don't want their dog's going into. Maybe they jump on your bed or urinate in a certain spot. The Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier from PetSafe will keep him from entering or leaving a certain room or from going up or down stairs.

With this barrier you won't need to worry about stepping over inconvenient pet gates or keep your pet locked in one a room or area all day. The barrier transmits a radio signal to the special collar around your pet's neck, and when your pet approaches the barrier area, he hears a series of beeps from the collar followed by a safe, progressive shock.

The beeps warn your pet not to move any closer, and if he does, the mild correction startles him to remind him not to enter the area. Your dog will learn quickly which areas he is free to enjoy and which he should stay away from. You can also add multiple collars to keep all your canine companions out of that area.

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