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Pet Accommodation Company Expanding

Pet Accommodation Company Expanding
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A pet services company founded in Southern California less than three years ago is already looking to hire more staff and expand their brand. Furlocity is the company that owns a website which is taking the pet accommodation industry to the next level.

Just like the numerous travel sites for humans, Furlocity.com lets pet owners search for and book pet boarding stays, pet-friendly hotels, and even veterinary services. Currently they include facilities in more than 100 cities in 30 different states, and they list pet friendly hotels in every state in the U.S as well.

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The company only works with pet care establishments that meet their high standards. Their screening process identifies many of the key components that pet owners are looking for. The facilities must be clean, safe, licensed, bonded, insured, certified, and trained. They need to meet all the requirements of their state governments and more.

The company is planning a huge expansion this year paired with a move to the East Coast. Denise Fernandez Pallozzi, CEO of Furlocity, says although a move from California to New York seems extreme, it is actually going to be a huge step forward for the company.

Pet Accommodation Company Expanding
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Currently, the state of New York is offering a Start-Up NY program that is a tax-free program for businesses that are willing to relocate on or near SUNY schools or a number of private institutions. She also says that the region is beginning to grow as a technological hub and Furlocity would love for their company to be a part of that.

The company is looking into a partnership with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is hoping to draw from graduates and an experienced workforce from several of the top schools in the area.

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Although Furlocity only employs a few people now, they are looking to expand to 20 employees by the end of next year. Five of the workers currently employed will be staying behind in San Diego and working for the company remotely.

Pallozzi says that the company is working diligently to form partnerships with the human travel site Priceline.com, as well as many airport-based pet lodging services. Eventually they would like people to be able to book travel plans for themselves and their pets all in one place.

When users book their pet’s stay through Furlocity, they earn points that can be redeemed for discounted or free nights. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to different nonprofits including the Morris Animal Foundation, K9sforwarriors, Dogs on Deployment, and Labrador Harbor.

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