This Pet Barrier Adjusts to Fit Virtually Any Vehicle

Taking your dog on road trips is a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. If your dog is roaming freely around the car they are a distraction to you and will become a treacherous projectile if you get into an accident. Pet barriers like this one from WeatherTech will keep your pet safely in the cargo area of your vehicle.

This pet barrier is adjustable and expandable. The heavy-duty 5/8″ diameter telescopic tubing is simple to install, and it requires no tools or drilling.  The barrier adjusts horizontally and vertically to suit any pet and virtually every vehicle.

The device is also fitted with “No-Mar” rubber coated components on the top and bottom which ensure a rattle-free installation as well as protect your vehicle's interior. You can also purchase an optional extension for minivans or vehicles with folding seats.

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