This Pet Crate End Table Will Match Your Homes Decor Flawlessly

This dog crate from Newport will blend in perfectly with any home's décor. Guests will never realize it's a dog kennel. It's stylish and the espresso finish will match virtually any furniture. It's a beautiful piece to add to any living room, and it's a sturdy dog crate as well.

The Newport Pet Crate End Table is made of 100% solid wood and is great for small, medium, or large size dogs. It is well ventilated and your pooch will have plenty of open space to look out at his surroundings.

This table doesn't come assembled, so it will need a little elbow grease, but consumers say it is fairly easy to put together if you follow the provided instructions. The sturdy door latch will keep your dog safe and secure and prevent them from escaping while you're not home.


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