Pet Insurance Comparison - What is the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs

Pet insurance is a growing industry, and many people speculated about its importance when it first hit the market. A lot of folks thought it was a joke; just another way for insurance companies to scam you out of a few hundred dollars more every year. That's not the case! This pet insurance comparison list will help figure out what is the best pet insurance for dogs and could end up saving you a ton of money in the future.

A car accident, emergency surgery or the terrifying diagnosis of a terminal illness – as much as you hate to think about it, it is possible that the worst could happen to your precious pooch. Are you prepared to take on thousands of dollars in veterinary bills? If you cannot afford treatment, there is only one other humane option and we don't want to think about that.

Having pet insurance is the best way to know your furry friend is covered and protected no matter what. Like all other insurance, you won't reap the benefits of canine insurance very often, but when you do it will be more than worth it! If your dog has an accident or needs any type of emergency care, you won't have to choose between saving his life and euthanization.

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Pet Insurance Comparison: What is the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs?

Best Pet Insurance Comparison - What is the Best Dog Insurance for Pets

When considering insurance for your dog, you need to think about what the biggest risks to his health and well-being are – we know, it’s not a nice task! But for example, you might have a purebred who is more susceptible to certain genetic disorders, or a very active sporting breed more likely to get into mischief.

Next, think about where you live and what the possible risks are in the area, like traffic or wildlife, and really make a good assessment of what your dog may need in the future so you can make the best choice. Take your dogs age and activity level into consideration as well.

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Some insurance companies present their plans in a very confusing way with lots of jargon, or else it’s all sales pitch and can be difficult to isolate what the benefits they’re actually offering are. What makes up a standard plan with one insurance company could be a premium plan with another.

Often insurers will offer both, so the distinction is merely that their premium plan offers a little more than their standard one. You don’t necessarily always need the most costly plan, as sometimes those extra benefits involve paying a higher price for very little. For this reason, it’s important to read exactly what is and isn’t covered when choosing a policy, taking into consideration your dog’s needs.

Never allow an insurance agent to make you feel pressured to purchase insurance.

We know it can be a tough decision, so we’ve rounded up some of the highest reviewed pet insurance companies and made it simple to understand what they offer so you can choose the plan that suits you and your pooch best. Be sure to contact the company and ask any questions you may have. Do your own research too, in order to make sure you understand what is the best pet insurance for dogs like your Fido.

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Healthy Paws - Pet Insurance ComparisonHealthy Paws

Healthy Paws is a pet-exclusive insurance company that consistently receives high ratings from their customers. They cover a wide range of claims for accidents and emergency care, including coverage for X-Rays, blood tests and ultrasounds.

They cover any illness, including hereditary and congenital conditions, as well as chronic illness and cancer along with the medications for treating it. Healthy Paws will even cover alternative treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic.

There is no limit on claims, payment is annual and you can customize your plan to suit your needs and budget. Many people love that Healthy Paws has no tedious claims forms to fill out, which is a huge advantage especially during a time of stress and worry when your pet is hurt.

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Healthy Paws does not provide cover for pre-existing conditions, preventative care and medications like flea treatment, worming, grooming and dental care, vet’s examination fees, and spaying or neutering. Like many pet insurers, they do not cover dogs over 14 years old.

Healthy Paws insurance is a really good all-around option and it’s an ideal choice if you and your pooch frequently travel. You can visit any licensed veterinarian, even for emergencies, and Healthy Paws will even cover specialists and emergency hospitals.

Healthy Paws’ coverage ranges from $99 – $216 per month depending on the reimbursement and deductible rates you select. There is no upper payout limit. Visit for an instant quote online.

Petplan - Pet Insurance ComparisonPetplan

Petplan provides a simple and easy to understand range of plans for your pooch and the most basic Bronze plan covers:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Illness
  • Veterinary exam fees
  • Mri, cat scan, ultrasound scans
  • Diagnostic treatments
  • Prescription medications
  • Cancer treatments
  • Non-routine dental treatments
  • Surgery and rehabilitation
  • Alternative therapies
  • Specialist treatment
  • Behavioral therapies

The Bronze plan covers up to $10,000 in annual veterinary expenses and their Silver plan covers all the above plus loss due to theft or straying, advertising and reward costs for lost dogs, and boarding kennel fees. The Silver Plan has a limit of $14,000 in expenses annually.

Their premium Gold Plan offers all that and also reimburses you for costs incurred if you have to cancel your vacation because your pooch is ill. You will also be offered compensation if your dog passes away due to injury or illness. The Gold Plan costs $149.69 per month with a $22,000 limit.

Petplan also offer alternative therapies such as acupuncture and there’s a 5% discount when you buy online. Visit for your personal quote.

Embrace - Pet Insurance ComparisonEmbrace

Embrace Pet Insurance offer a 5% discount for: spayed/neutered dogs, when you buy multipet insurance, 5% off for active or retired military dog owners, if you use your bank account (in some states) and an additional 5% discount if you pay annually. This means that if you fulfill all the criteria above you could save up to 25%.

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The company's basic policy costs between $60 and $90 per month, and it offers up to an $8,000 maximum with a $500 annual deductible. This policy covers accidents and illnesses including genetic and chronic illnesses, vet’s examination fees, x-rays and scans, hospitalization, surgery and holistic and physical therapies.

Embrace does not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, breeding or whelping, or organ donations.

One of Embrace Insurance’s real advantages is that they offer an additional Wellness Policy. For an additional annual or monthly fee, and up to a limit of $650 in expenses, the Wellness Plan will cover all these:

  • Spaying and neutering
  • Flea, tick, and heartworm prevention treatment
  • Vaccinations and titers
  • Wellness exams
  • Routine blood tests
  • Parasite exams
  • Microchip implant and registration
  • Prescription diet food: Hill's, Royal Canin, Purina, and Wysong brands
  • Tooth cleaning, dental X-rays, crowns and fillings
  • Supplements
  • Medicated shampoo
  • Behavioral training

The Wellness plan can really help prevent many health issues in the future, so you may find that you can save money and keep your pooch in optimum health with an Embrace insurance plan. Go to to get an immediate quote online.

Trupanion - Pet Insurance ComparisonTrupanion

When discussing what is the best pet insurance for dogs, you can't leave out Trupanion. They are a pet insurance company with easy to understand policies. Trupanion can cover up to 90% of your dog’s medical bill, which includes all accidents, injuries and illnesses.

The company also offers an affordable deductible that ranges from $0 – $1000. This deductible is also per-condition, which makes Trupanion a good choice for those with older dogs who may face chronic conditions in the future, but could be costly if there are any co-current health issues.

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The Trupanion plan covers medications, surgeries, hospitalization, tests, prescribed dog foods and supplements. They even cover orthotic and prosthetic devices. There are no restrictions or caps for per-incident claims.

You can get more information and receive a free quote at

Pet Assure - Pet Insurance ComparisonPet Assure

Pet Assure is an alternative to insurance. Once you become a member, you get discounts with participating vets. This could make it a good option if you have lots of dogs, or one who regularly visits the vet.

Another advantage to this option is that since it is a discount instead of a reimbursement like traditional insurance is, you save straight away. The plan won’t cover your dog if the vet is not a participating one, e.g. for late night emergency vet visits.

The Pet Assure plans start at $99 per year for a single dog with reduced rates for more than one pooch. You can find more information on

It’s also worth looking into your current insurance providers if you have car or home insurance, as they may offer great rates or a bundle deal. Just make sure to thoroughly read all the small print to be sure you know what the insurance covers before you sign up.

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