Review: Pet Matrx Supplements for Dogs

Most pet owners that I speak to believe that supplements are only for older dogs or pets with health problems. On the contrary, supplements (like these Pet Matrx supplements) should be part of every dog's regular diet.

Before you spend money on any pet supplements, I would highly recommend that you have a conversation with your veterinarian. The supplements that your dog needs will vary based on his breed, size, diet, activity level, age and many other factors.

We all know that improper nutrition can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Not getting enough nutrients is detrimental to your dog's health, but did you know that getting too much of a certain nutrient can also harm your dog?

Too much calcium, for example, can lead to digestion issues, kidney problems and bladder stones.

If you decide to give your dog a nutritional supplement, these formulas from Pet Matrx are a healthy and safe option. They actually use technology from the human pharmaceutical industry to improve their pet supplements.

Pet Matrx Supplements for Dogs Review

Pet Matrx Supplements for Dogs

According to Pet Matrix, some of the most valuable ingredients in traditional pet supplements are hard for canines to digest. Your dog’s body may be able to absorb, say, 25% of the ingredients, but the other 75% gets processed as waste and expelled from the body.

One of the most common ingredients that has this problem is lipids. Lipids are organic compounds that are fatty acids (or their derivatives), and they are insoluble in water. However, they are soluble in organic solvents.

Pet Matrx uses something they call the “Cell Matrix Delivery Method”, which bypasses your dog’s digestive track and sends the lipids directly to the cells. Necessary ingredients like curcumin and Omega 3s are 100% absorbable, so your pup’s body can use as much as it needs.

All of their products are formulated by a biochemist. There are no inactive ingredients in these products.

There are three formulas available:

  • Move – An anti-inflammatory and mobility support supplement. The ingredients are curcumin, GSH, quercetin, EGCG, agmantine sulfate and bovine collagen.
  • Protect – A supplement formulated to promote gut and immune health. The ingredients are curcumin, BPC157, KPV, glutamine, NAG, NAC, marshmallow root and bovine collagen.
  • Think – A supplement to support the nervous system. This supplement promotes natural calming without causing lethargy. The ingredients are L-theanine, magnesium citrate, thiamine, magnolia bark, GABA, chamomile and bovine collagen.

All three formulas are available in doses for small/medium breeds and large breeds.

They only use ingredients found in nature or found in your dog’s body. The recipes are human-grade and all natural. Pet Matrx supplements are suitable for all breeds and sizes.

These supplements are freeze dried and can be added to your pup’s meals once per day. Every supplement includes bovine collagen, which adds a tasty flavor.

As you can see in my video review above, I don't even have to add them to food. My dogs will lick these powder supplements right off their plate.

The supplements range in price from $39.99 to $68.99 depending on the formula you choose and the size of your dog. While that probably sounds like a lot, the price is comparable to other supplements of similar quality.

Each bottle will last 2-3 months, if you only have one dog.

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