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Review: PetFusion Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal

No pet owner enjoys cleaning up after their dog. However, it should be seen as an important responsibility that comes with pet ownership.

Having the right equipment makes the task easier and more sanitary.

The PetFusion Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal is designed to store dog poop in a clean and eco-friendly way.

Not only is cleaning up your dog's poop a law in many areas, it's actually an important part of keeping your community safe and sanitary.

Did you know there are 23 million coliform bacteria per gram of a dog’s poop?

In layman's terms, that means that there is A LOT of bacteria in dog fecal matter!

Some of the most common bacteria, pests and other contaminants found in your dog’s poop can remain in the soil for years.

Every pet owner needs to find a way to clean up after their dog. You'll be obeying the law, helping to keep your community sanitary and helping to clean the environment all at the same time.

PetFusion Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal Review

Dog Waste DisposalThis is a portable waste receptacle. It's lightweight (less than 5 pounds), so it's easy to carry around the yard with you.

There is a removable inner basket that has tabs on the side to lock the plastic bag in place.

When it comes to dog poop, the biggest concern for most pet owners is the smell.

The PetFusion Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal features a silicone gasket, non-toxic charcoal filter and a locking handle to drastically reduce the odor.

The charcoal filter lasts up to 6 months.

I'm always looking for eco-friendly products to reduce our carbon footprint.

Before I started using this receptacle for my dog's waste, I used biodegradable poop bags.

They're more expensive than traditional plastic waste bags, and not all biodegradable products are better for the environment.

This pet waste disposal allows you to clean up after your dog at least 10 times before you'll need to change the bag. You can buy biodegradable bags or reuse old plastic bags thanks to the universal design.

The entire receptacle measures 16.7″H x 9.5″W x 9.5″L. It's easy to store when not in use.

I actually leave it right by my front door, so it's readily available when I need it.

The neutral colors and sleek design allow it to blend in well with any décor. It doesn't stand out as a waste receptacle.

You can buy the PetFusion Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal on Amazon for $49.99.

It's not the most affordable way to dispose of dog poop, and I know it won't be affordable for everyone.

If you're looking for an eco-friendly, sanitary way to dispose of your dog's waste, this receptacle is exactly what you need.


What is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of dog poop?

Now, this is a different method from the product we reviewed, but the EPA says flushing dop poop down the toilet is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of dog poop.

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petfusion-pet-waste-disposal-reviewThe PetFusion Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal is designed to store dog poop in an easy, sanitary and eco-friendly way.