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Dogs Can Enjoy the Suite Life in West Palm Beach

Pets Can Enjoy the Suite life in West Palm Beach
Photo: poshpethotel.com

There’s a new resort in Palm Beach that boasts 103-rooms, chandeliers hanging from the ceilings of suites, flat-screen televisions, and memory-foam beds. The luxury resort offers their guests blueberry facials, aromatherapy baths, and Brazilian waxes. It was designed to feel like the Four Seasons or the Breakers, but there is one major difference: this resort was designed for dogs and cats.

The Posh Pet Hotel provides dogs and cats with many of the same amenities enjoyed by their owners while on vacation. Lincoln Baker, owner of the resort, says he often gets requests from impressed humans that want to stay in the stylish rooms.

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The hotel opened in West Palm Beach in April, and it joins a few other similar resorts in South Florida that cater to pampered pets. Forget sleeping in a kennel and running around inside of a chain-link fence, the super-luxe accommodations provide canine and feline guests with oversized suites and hours of stimulating entertainment.

The Posh Pet Hotel has a doggie day care program along with their overnight stay options. All dogs will get plenty of exercise, nutritious meals, and plenty of human interaction while staying at the resort. Owners can also sign their dog up for group or individual training, and they offer board and train packages as well.

Pets Can Enjoy the Suite life in West Palm Beach
Photo: poshpethotel.com

Pet stylists are available daily to pamper pets with bathing, paw-dicures, stenciling and glitter, anesthesia-free dental cleanings, and many more services for an extra fee. Owners can also choose to pay for their pet to get a little extra relaxation in with some of the Zen Wellness treatments that the resort offers like acupuncture, aquapuncture, massage therapy, or cold laser therapy.

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Pet resorts are becoming increasingly popular around the United States and many are popping up in southern Florida. The Lauderdale Pet Lodge in Fort Lauderdale offers luxurious accommodations and dog pools with water fountains. A canine fitness center with a personal trainer is one of the many features at Pompano Beach’s Chateau Poochie, and at Barkers Hotel & Parrington Inn, located in Lake Worth, deluxe rooms with private patios are available for your pup.

Owners are seeing their pets more like furry children than animals these days, and it is showing in the luxuries that they are splurging on for their furry companions. More human hotels are becoming pet friendly, and we’re even seeing an increase in the number of pet-friendly restaurants now. Many pets are saying goodbye to the days of sitting home alone waiting for their owners return and hello to a life of traveling and posh living.

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