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Pets on Postage Stamps? FINALLY!

Pets on Postage Stamps
Photo: United States Postal Service

Photographer Eric Isselée is going to have his work seen all over the country as his pet photos affix to your mail. Throughout history, the US postal service has sometimes featured animals on their Forever stamps. Often they featured cats and dogs for a special cause to raise awareness.

At one point it was to encourage people to neuter and spay their pets to reduce overpopulation. Another time it was to promote animal rescue shelter adoptions. Talk show host and comedian Ellen Degeneres donated money for the stamps that promoted pet adoptions.

Now, Mr. Isselée, assisted by his artistic director Derry Noyes, is expanding the images to include a wide variety of our favorite pets. Mice, snakes, lizards, fish, cats, turtles, birds, horses and more are the faces of 2016’s Forever stamps.

Pets on Postage Stamps
Photo: Twitter / United States Postal Service

These stamps are limited edition, so make sure you get them while they are available.

The adorable closeups of their faces make you just want to start mailing letters and cards – they are that cute! This wonderful art project is not just for show. They indicate an effort to make nature and animals an important part of our lives. It seems more and more that the natural world is being forgotten as we are drawn into our iphones and new technology.

Animals offer us an opportunity to be playful and relaxed, as well as to care for another living being. These stamps can help remind us of the wide variety of species that we live with here on this planet and that our lifestyle can include them as a part of it. The artist has done an incredible job capturing the cool and loving traits that these pets have to offer us.

These stamps are going to fly off the shelves because of how they just pop right off the page. They are eye catching and evoke positive emotions. The US Postal service gave a hint about these last November and animal lovers were awaiting their release.

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Pets on Postage Stamps
Photo: United States Postal Service

What a difference in image quality since their stamp released all the way back in 1983 which was a painting of a kitten and a puppy. It shows how much technology has changed and reflects a shift in our culture. I think it’s great that more animals have made it into this pet gallery and hope that it encourages responsible pet ownership.

I loved the Dog at Work series back in 2011, which highlighted the neat ways dogs help humans. There were dogs that assist the blind, dogs that find missing people, a dog that tracks and a loving therapy dog. Pets can truly play such a positive role in our lives, they deserve their faces on our stamps.

Without them, life wouldn’t be nearly as fun and interesting. Help these animals have a big grand debut by sharing this article so people can get some of these colorful stamps! Remember, the more we share the important things in life, like taking care of nature and staying connected to nature, the better our future will be.

We need to keep animals and nature on our minds and in our sight, so we make it a part of our culture to protect them. I want to thank the US Postal service for doing their part and now we are just waiting for them to change their uniforms to have pictures of animals too, but don’t hold your breath.

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