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7 Tips for Your Pets YouTube Channel

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In the recent years, YouTube-ing seems to have become a legitimate career path. Millions of people are recording all kinds of content and putting it out there for our viewing pleasure. If you have decided to join in on the fun with your very own pets-related YouTube channel, there are a few secrets you’ll need to know in order to achieve success.

1. Differentiate Between Fun and Professionalism

Pets are inherently a fun topic. After all, these lovable critters make our lives brighter on a daily basis. That’s why, even if you are dealing with a relatively serious topic, like pet’s health, it’s perfectly fine, and even desirable to retain a dose of humor and playfulness.

It’s highly unlikely you will gain an extensive following just by reciting boring information, no matter how useful it is. However, don’t think that it’s okay if this attitude of fun translates into a lack of responsibility. Viewers like channels that have a regular posting schedule and produce videos that are consistent in both technical quality and the quality of the content itself.

2. Explore Without Copying

It’s not only okay to explore similar channels, it’s a necessity. By keeping up with the relevant pets YouTube channels, you will discover what viewers like, what the industry trends are, and what topics are underrepresented.

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Checking Other Pet Channels is Critical

The reality is that everything under the sun has already been done. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it the same way as everyone else. If you create your own style, and look at those same topics from your own, unique point of view, you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

3. Be Recognizable

Videos are an excellent medium, because they make it easy to create your own, recognizable visual identity. Well-executed, high-quality video and audio is only a starting point. If you intend on using your own pets in your videos, they can be a major draw and an easy way to be recognized.

Cool theme music, a cute logo and cool opening theme are also essential parts of your visual identity. A great cover picture for each video could mean that viewers choose your video to click on among the  dozens of relevant results that come up in a search. The same goes for the video titles. Aim for something that catches the eye, and is relevant enough to come up in searches.

4. Preparation Makes All the Difference

Regardless of the format and content of your videos, planning pays off. You don’t have to memorize lines like an actor, but working out a script beforehand will improve your flow. Improvising seems easy, but when you’re actually doing it, it leads to a lot of “Ummms” and uncomfortable pauses.

If you have a guest, you will be less likely to talk over each other if you work out a script before filming. If you’re filming with an animal, planning is especially important. You might need props and treats, and you will need to work out the proper positioning. Pets also might need comforting before the filming.

Sometimes, you’ll probably just need to accept that your pooch is not cooperative on the day you planned to record your video, so always leave room to postpone the shoot. A lot of glitches can be fixed later, in editing, but that might be too complicated, especially for a beginner.

5. Make It Sustainable

As with any creative process, running a successful YouTube channel consists of the fun, creative part, and the boring, technical part. Shooting and editing the video demands a certain amount of technical prowess, and promoting your channel is an equally time-consuming effort.

Even with the best, most original ideas in the world, your channel will never take off if it takes you ages to produce and promote a single video. Making the first few videos will probably be hard, but use the power of trial and error to streamline the process until you have a manageable system in place that will allow you to produce videos on a regular schedule.

This could include using editing templates, setting up a permanent recording space, working out a template format for the show, and numerous other little tricks that will help you speed up the production process.

6. Be Comfortable on Camera

Let your personality shine through in your videos. Viewers like YouTubers with a warm, fun personality. Adding a personal touch is another sure way to gain subscribers. People love heart-warming stories and a personal perspective, so use that to your advantage. Confidence on camera is a non-negotiable aspect.

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If you feel shy around the camera and have problems even looking in its direction while you’re filming, that’s something you’re going to need to work on. Finally, if you’re including animals in your videos, make sure that they are comfortable. Forcing animals to do something that they are obviously not enjoying just so you can film it will likely have the opposite effect and put off viewers instead of attracting them.


7. Engage with Your Budding Community

Once you start gaining viewers and promoting your content not just on YouTube but on social media and forums, you will get the chance to interact with your audience. Being kind and responsive is always the way to go.

Responding to comments might be the thing that turns a viewer into a subscriber as it forms a sense of community and belonging. In short, people love to talk – so talk to them! Not only will that help your YouTube channel, you’ll probably gain a few new friends along the way.

Keeping your comment section across different platforms free of spam and hateful comments will also help create a safe space for your audience, and they will feel more comfortable being active in your comments section.


As with all long-term online projects, the essential thing to remember is that success doesn’t come over night. Your pets YouTube channel will be one among thousands and it’s crucial to have patience. However, quality, hard work and love for what you do always pay off eventually.7 Tips for Your Pets YouTube Channel7 Tips for Your Pets YouTube Channel

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