PetSafe Develops New Doggy Door for Sliding Glass Doors

Dog doors can be very beneficial to owners and their pets. They save you the hassle of having to open the door every time your dog needs to do his business. Similarly, if you're away from home for long periods of time during the day you can attach a kennel or a fenced in area to where the dog door is located and your pet can still go out to use the bathroom while you're not home.

The Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door from PetSafe works with sliding glass doors to give you the same convenience that a dog door for a wall or standard house door would. These panels feature a heavy-duty aluminum construction along with shatter-resistant, tempered safety glass. They’re also equipped with PetSafe's energy-conserving UltraSeal flexible flap system which is designed to keep the heat and cold outdoors.

Installing this dog door is easy and there is no cutting required. You simply slide the panel into one end of your sliding door track, secure it to the frame, and add a piece weather stripping (not included). You'll still be able to open and close the other side of your door easily, and the best part is that if you ever need to move, you can easily remove the panel from the frame and take it with you.

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