Heroic Pit Bull Alerts of Fire, Then Runs Back to Save a Baby from a Burning House
Sasha is yet another Pit Bull that’s tearing down the known stereotypes and hopefully ending the stigma about this specific breed.

A family from Stockton, California is grateful to their pit bull for saving their lives and they will never forget her heroic deed.

The pup Sasha loudly alerted Latana Chai and her family from their sleep, as the house next door caught fire one Sunday evening. The dog apparently wouldn't stop barking and banging on the backyard door that midnight, so Latana was forced to get up from her bed to check why the Pit Bull was behaving strangely.

When Lantana came out to see what's up, the fire and smoke next door startled her. Thankfully, her cousin Chai, who owned the property, was not at home but Lantana soon realized that she might have to quickly evacuate the rest of her family.

Dragging the Baby By Her Diaper

Lantana detailed to reporters that when she started running towards her baby's room, she saw Sasha drag her 7-month-old girl, Masailah, by her diapers. The mom said that Sasha was doing all she can to get the baby to a safe place.

So, Lantana grabbed them both and ran out carrying the pit bull and baby in her arms. She ran as fast as she could to the street as the fire quickly engulfed more parts of the complex, and only then was she able to call 911.

Firefighters were able to put out the blaze that ate up four units but they have yet to determine what caused the fire. The property has now been condemned, so Lantana has to look for a new permanent home. She's grateful, however, that her life and her baby's life were spared, thanks to Sasha's strange behavior and quick thinking.

Pit Bull's Special Bond With the Baby

Lantana regards Sasha as a family. The mom is hardly surprised by the Pit Bull's action towards her baby because Masailah and Sasha share a special bond. The two arrived in Lantana's life about the same time. Sometimes, they sleep together and share the same bed; they also take baths together. In other words, Masailah and Sasha have been inseparable since birth.

Not a Vicious Breed

Pit Bulls have unfortunately earned a reputation as a vicious dog; it's one of the most common breed stereotypes out there. The media has portrayed this breed as bloodthirsty killers meant only for fighting.

It doesn't help as well that there are myths surrounding Pit Bulls that have been going on for years. Aside from their alleged violent tendency, the breed supposedly can't get along with other animals and their propensity for human aggression do not make them ideal pets or companions.

Proponents of the breed, however, said that the Pit Bull is the most misunderstood dog. Studies have shown that fatalities from Pit Bull attacks are actually rare. If the dogs bit or became aggressive, however, there's a good chance it's because they weren't properly trained and socialized by their owners, which can also apply to any other breed.

In truth, Pit Bulls can be affectionate, curious, funny, loyal, playful and smart, and they get along with children very well, especially if brought up in a positive and loving environment.  A study from the American Temperament Test Society showed that the Pit Bull Terrier is actually the second nicest dog breed after Labrador Retrievers.

Steaks for the Hero

Lantana said that Sasha has been enjoying steaks as her reward for saving the family and the rest of those who live in the complex. To the lives the dog saved, she's definitely their hero and her story could hopefully help clear out the stigma surrounding her breed.

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Camden Savage is a Phoenix based writer, vegan, cupcake addict and dog lover. Years in the animal rescue trenches have taught her every aspect of dog ownership from behavioral problems, personality and breed specific trait differences of all dogs.