Police Officer Responds to a 'Vicious Dog' Call, Ends Up with a New Best Friend
Photo: Texarkana Texas Police Department
As Officer Frost from Texas carefully approached the dog that wandered off someone’s porch, he realized it’s not a threat when it started wagging its tail.

This happens often – people afraid of a dog without an owner will panic-call about a threat that the canine poses. Police officers in Texas responded to a call about a vicious dog on the loose one weekend. When they went to check it out expecting to confront a threatening situation, a friendly and vivacious pooch greeted them instead.

Officer Travis Frost and his partner went to investigate a call about a dog wandering about in a neighborhood in Texarkana. They spotted a golden-brown pit bull that looked like it did not belong in one of the resident's porches, according to TheDodo.

Frost made attempts to approach the pit bull with caution in case the dog would attack. It’s the best tactic to take since it is an unfamiliar scenario for both the dog and the human.

Officer Frost with his new friend
Photo: Texarkana Texas Police Department

In another strategic move, Frost also left the police car's doors open if he needed to make a quick getaway from the pooch.

Pit Bull's Reputation As A Dangerous Breed

Pit bulls have unfortunately earned quite a reputation as a vicious dog. Some call the breed a ticking time bomb due to Pit Bulls history. They believe that since pit bulls are violent by nature, then the breed is not ideal as a domestic pet or companion animals.

In Miami and Denver, for instance, state laws ban the ownership of pit bulls due to the breed's characteristics. Similar laws have also been established in Ontario in Canada and in England and Wales in the U.K.

Nicholas Dodman, the veterinary medicine director at Tufts University, told the Los Angeles Times that there have been countless of studies debunking the violent nature pit bulls. The breed is just like any other breed that develops good or bad behaviors depending on the type of training they get from their owners.

Lost dog is ready to go home
Photo: Texarkana Texas Police Department

Only, when pit bulls do attack, it can turn into carnage. Dodman attributed this to the pit bull's biting style, which has the capacity to maul its target to pieces.

An Adorable Teddy Bear

Meanwhile, as Frost moved slowly to try to contain the pit bull, he noticed it was actually thumping and wagging his tail. Realizing that threatening dogs don’t behave this way, the officer tried to whistle to see how the pit bull would respond.

Surprisingly, the “vicious” dog walked up to him and then hopped right into his police car. The dog wasn’t hostile at all and he indicated that he was ready for the officer to take him home!

Dog is happy he found a new owner
Photo: Texarkana Texas Police Department

The Texarkana police then shared several photos of Officer Frost and the pit bull on Facebook, which has since gone viral on the Internet.  Apparently, while waiting for Animal Control to take the dog in custody, Officer Frost indulged in a couple of selfies with the adorable teddy bear – and his new best friend!

A Word On The Microchip

A few days later, the Texas police updated its Facebook community about the pit bull's case. The dog apparently had an implanted microchip, which meant that they could track the owners. Unfortunately, the microchip’s information has not been updated, so it took them awhile to find the dog’s people.

Police officer at work while the dog is observing
Photo: Texarkana Texas Police Department

The police also reminded dog owners everywhere to update their information in the system to avoid any hitches. It’s a simple process; you just have to make a call. There’s usually a number that comes with the activation card you received when you first had the chip implanted on the dog.

Because Animal Control couldn’t locate the pit bull’s owner right away, the dog had to stay at a shelter longer than anticipated. Thankfully, however, the pit bull has since been returned home.

Pit bull is ready to go do police work
Photo: Texarkana Texas Police Department

Officer Frost also learned that the pit bull's name is Gold and he's actually an American Bully.  This breed is highly adaptable as a domestic pet. Despite its intimidating build, the American Bully has a gentle and friendly demeanor and can be an ideal companion at home.

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Camden Savage is a Phoenix based writer, vegan, cupcake addict and dog lover. Years in the animal rescue trenches have taught her every aspect of dog ownership from behavioral problems, personality and breed specific trait differences of all dogs.