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President Obama is Weighing In On a Top Concern – Dog Pants

President Obama is Weighing In On a Top Concern - Dog Pants
Photo: Nick Knupffer

It’s a presidential election year, and you know what that means. The candidates will be discussing all the important topics, and President Obama has already gotten off to a great start. He sat down this week to discuss a very pressing issue – dog pants.

In a YouTube interview earlier this week, the POTUS spoke about ISIS, Syria and other serious issues that our country is dealing with at the moment. Then the interview took a drastic turn. The President was asked about a debate that has swept the internet recently. The question at hand?

If dogs wore pants, how would they wear them?

Now, if you’re not familiar with this debate, it’s quite simple. If dogs were to wear trousers regularly, how exactly would they wear them? Would they wear them on just their hind legs and have the pants pull up to their waste or would the pants cover all four legs and wrap around the entire circumference of the dog’s body?

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A picture of the two ways that a dog could wear pants spread very quickly around Facebook, and then the debate on dog clothing leaked onto Twitter and Reddit. The debate amongst the public got quite heated, believe it or not. You wouldn’t think something this silly would draw so much attention, but a quick look at our society will show you that there are much sillier things out there getting even more attention than dog pants.

President Obama is Weighing In On a Top Concern - Dog Pants
Photo: istolethetv

So what did President Obama have to say on the topic? He referred to the four-legged dog pants as “a little too conservative” and said that they would use too much fabric. That may be acceptable to the President, but to one company in Canada, dog pants should, and do, cover all four legs.

Muddy Mutts is a company based in Ottawa, Canada, and they specialize in making a product that is referred to as an “underbody dog coat.” Now, as you can imagine, these do look a bit silly, but there purpose is to keep your dog’s belly and legs clean and dry in wet weather or muddy conditions. If you’ve ever wiped down a dog with mud up to his belly, you’ll understand the importance of a product like this.

The company’s owner said that Muddy Mutts sold quite slowly for the 3 ½ years, but as soon as the internet debate about dog pants began his products started flying off the shelf. The company has taken thousands of orders in the last few weeks, and they continue to keep pouring in. As a small company they are trying to keep up as best they can, but the wait time for consumers is getting longer every day.

President Obama is Weighing In On a Top Concern - Dog Pants
Photo: Muddy Mutts

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Whichever type of pants you choose, make sure your Fido is comfortable in the clothes that you make him wear. Clothing should never be too loose or too tight. If it doesn’t fit properly it could be a safety hazard. Clothing that is loose could cause your dog to trip or become tangled. Clothing that is too tight may chafe or cut off circulation to his limbs.

Not all dogs enjoy being dressed up. If your dog seems uncomfortable or unhappy, remove the clothing immediately. It’s not worth sacrificing your pet’s happiness and quality of life just so he looks stylish. Even if our dog does seem to enjoy wearing clothes, or at least doesn’t seem to hate it, he still shouldn’t be in clothing all the time. Dress your pet for special occasions and events, but allow him plenty of time without clothing as well.

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