Provide Cold Water For Up to 14 Hours with Frosty Bowlz

Providing your dog with fresh water is an important part of keeping him healthy, but have you ever thought about the water’s temperature. When you first fill his bowl you probably use cold water, but as it sits in his bowl throughout the day it warms up to room temperature. Would you want to drink room temperature water all the time? Of course not! There is nothing more refreshing than a long drink of cold water.

Frosty Bowlz keep your dog’s water cool all day long – up to 14 hours even a t 90 degrees Fahrenheit! The bowls come in 14-ounce, 28-ounce and 40-ounce sizes. These bowls are made of virtually indestructible stainless steel and they come with a stainless steel plate with a non-skid bottom surface as well. Every bowl comes with a FrostyCore that is filled with a non-toxic freezable gel. These FrostyCores can be used thousands of times without losing their cooling abilities.

This would be a great product to use if you work outside your home and are gone for long periods of time each day. Instead of dropping a handful of ice cubes in your dog’s water dish in the morning, you could leave him with a Frosty Bowl and the peace of mind that he’ll have cool water to drink all day long. You can also use these bowls outside if your pet is a kennel or tethered on a run.

The bowls are small and compact, so they’d also be great for traveling. If you were going to the dog park, on a hike or camping you could easily pack one of these bowls in a backpack and take it along. Supplying cool water is also a great way to encourage your pet to drink more. Dehydration is a common problem with dogs during warm weather months, but they would be more apt to drink if the water was fresh and cold. Who wants to drink old, stagnant, warm water? The cool water would be an enticing treat.

You could even use these bowls to keep wet food chilled and fresh, if you leave it out for your dog during the day. Both the bowl and bottom plate are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and you can hand wash the FrostyCore if you need to. These products also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if they don’t work as well as the company claims they do you could return them for a full refund.

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