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Puppy Cake Creates People Food That is Healthy for Dogs

Puppy Cake Creates People Food That is Healthy for Dogs
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People love their dogs. So much so that many of us treat our canine companions as well, if not better, than we treat other humans. That includes celebrating their special events. We have birthday parties for our pets, buy them Christmas presents, and even spoil them on Valentine’s Day. Now, thanks to Puppy Cake, we can enhance the celebration by giving our dogs people food that is made specifically for them.

Kelly Costello, founder and owner of Puppy Cake, came up with the idea for her company while looking at old cake mix advertisements. She realized it would be great if there were products like that made for our pups. After a lot of research and many recipes, the first Puppy Cake flavor was created. Costello created Puppy Cake Carob Cake Mix to match the traditional chocolate cake, and Puppy Cake Banana Cake Mix to match the traditional yellow cake mix.

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The product launched in November of 2007 and quickly became the best selling cake mix for dogs in the country. They only use natural, human grade ingredients in their products and they donate a portion of their proceeds to animal rescue organizations.

Puppy Cake Creates People Food That is Healthy for Dogs
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A recent addition to the company’s “human food for dogs” lineup is Puppy Scoops, an ice cream for dogs. It comes in whole pints as opposed to similar products that are marketed in individually sized cups. Puppy Scoops is made with just five ingredients: peanuts, lactose-free whole milk, salt, gelatin, and evaporated cane juice. The company claims that it is smooth and creamy, just like human ice cream, but contains only a small fraction of the calories and fat.

The canine ice cream actually arrives to consumers in a powder form, and they simply mix 2/3 cup of hot water into the pint container and freeze the mixture for at least 5 hours. It comes in four flavors including Carob (a dog-safe alternative to chocolate), Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Maple Bacon.

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In addition to the banana and carob flavored cake mixes, customers can now also purchase Puppy Cake Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake Mix, Puppy Cake Wheat-Free Pumpkin Spice Cake Mix, and Puppy Cake Wheat-Free Red Velvet Cake Mix. All of the company’s mixes come with frosting as well.

The Puppy Cake lineup also includes dog-friendly cookie mixes, Puptato Chips, personalized doggy birthday cakes, and a peanut butter flavored canine version of Jello. The company also sells cake molds. Their products can be found on their website or through Amazon.

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