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Purina Creates Personalized Pet Food

Purina Creates Personalized Pet Food
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Consumers have a nearly endless assortment of pre-packaged food items to choose from when they go to the grocery store. They can choose products that meet certain nutritional needs, fit their particular life stage, or just satisfy their taste preferences. Nestle Purina PetCare launched their Just Right by Purina line to offer these same options to pet owners who are shopping for dog food.

Just Right by Purina is a web-based brand that combines Purina’s nutritional expertise with pet owners’ knowledge of their dogs. The website puts both together to create a personalized dog food that is made to order and delivered right to your door.

According to research done by the company, nearly 70 percent of dog owners want to feed their dog a food that helps support their unique preferences and needs. Brian Lester, the Director of Marketing for Just Right, says that by inviting dog owners to tell the company specific details about their dog, they are able to create a personalized blend that is unique for every dog and meets their particular nutritional needs.

Purina Creates Personalized Pet Food
Photo: barkzilla.com

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Dog owners simply log on to JustRightPetFood.com and answer questions about their dog including their age, weight, activity level, body condition, and breed. The system also factors in the dog’s nutritional needs like skin and coat health and weight management.

Owners can select lamb, chicken, or salmon as the first ingredient according to what their pet prefers. They can also choose whether grains or soy should be included in the recipe. Based on a proprietary algorithm that was generated by Purina and the information that dog owner plugged into the system, they will receive a personalized formula recommendation.

Once the formula has been created, customers can choose to name the dog food and are even allowed to upload a photo of their pet that will be included on the label. Packages come in 6 pound multi-layered plastic bags that were specifically chosen to maintain the products freshness.

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The product label includes the signature of the person who is responsible for creating and packaging the food and information that is based specifically on the data provided by the pet owner, including personalized feeding recommendations and the key nutritional benefits of their particular dog food blend.

Lester says that the product is usually delivered within 3 to 5 business days, depending on where it is being shipped, but the website quotes 7 to 10 just to be safe. The product can be ordered in 6, 12, or 24 pound quantities, and Purina will send customers an auto-reminder email when they are nearing the end of their supply.

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