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PupJoy Delivers Premium Toys and Treats to Your Doorstep

PupJoy Delivers Premium Dog Toys and Treats to Your Doorstep
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Dog owners are passionate about their fury friends and love to make sure that they have the best of everything, and why shouldn't they? Our dogs give us every bit of love and affection that they have to offer. They are there for us when we need them most, and the a new dog startup company wants to help dog lovers give a little something back to their canine companions.

Dustin McAdams of PupJoy witnessed firsthand the effect that the love of a good dog can have on a person. While his sister was battling breast cancer he saw the difference that the bond that she shared with her beloved dog had on her recovery.

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He realized that dogs give us their best and that they deserve the best in return, and thus, PupJoy was born. The company is a concierge service that delivers premium dog toys and treats right to your door. The best part of PupJoy is that owners can customize the products for their dog’s specific needs.

PupJoy only provides clearly labeled healthy dog treats and well-crafted unique artisan accessories and toys. The products they use are sourced from small suppliers that only create quality, responsible, trustworthy products.

Like many other dog owners, McAdams wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the dog products that were on the market. He understood that every dog was unique and owners need products that meet their dog’s specific needs. Big box stores and other generic subscription services provided more one-size-fits-all products and not nearly enough treats, toys, and accessories that were catered to the needs of individual dogs.

PupJoy Delivers Premium Dog Toys and Treats to Your Doorstep
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The premise of the company was very simple. PupJoy was built on the golden rule that everyone, from customers, employees, and partners to those in need, should be treated the way that McAdams himself would want to be treated. With this value as their core, PupJoy not only gives owners and their dogs the treats and toys that they need, but they are also very highly focused on giving back to those less fortunate.

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Up to 50% of the profits from every subscription order that is placed through PupJoy goes to fund the Care Pack program which supports many charitable organizations. The company also gives back to dog rescues and adoption organizations. They partner with organizations around the country and give $5 back every time a customer uses their specific coupon code while ordering.

As if that wasn’t enough, PupJoy also gives back to a cause that is near and dear to McAdams heart. For every PupJoy subscription that is sold, $2 goes to fund the PupJoy Care Boxes. These special subscription boxes are sent to dog parents that are undergoing treatments for adolescent and young adult breast cancer and no longer have the means, or the time, to care for their pets the way they used to.

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