Recycle Old Water Bottles with the ZippyPaws Water Bottle Crusherz Dog Toy

What better way to recycle an old water bottle than to turn it into a dog toy? The crunching and crackling of the bottle will entertain your dog for hours. With the Water Bottle Crusherz Dog Toy from ZippyPaws it’s simple to transform an old bottle into a fun dog toy.

The toys are easily filled by opening the Velcro slot and sliding in a water bottle. One bottle is included when you purchase the toy. It’s a great chew toy for small, medium, and large breeds, but wouldn’t work well with an aggressive chewer.

Premium quality materials and excellent stitching mean this chew toy is built to last. It’s soft, so it is ideal for indoor use and can also be taken outside for a game of fetch. Dog toys from ZippyPaws are available on their website and through select retailers.

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