Review: Mr. Peanut’s Folding Pet Crate

Pet owners are traveling with their dogs more than ever before. From car rides around town to weekend camping adventures, you should bring a comfortable crate along with you while traveling with your dog. This Mr. Peanut's Folding Pet Crate is designed to be easy to take along with you wherever you go.

While riding in a vehicle, a crate will keep your pet contained in the rear of the car. He won't have free range of the vehicle to distract you, cause injury to passengers or become a dangerous projectile in the event of an accident.

When you're not riding in the car, a travel crate provides a safe place for your pup to feel comfortable in any new environment. Whether you're camping in the woods, staying in a hotel or crashing with friends, a crate will give your dog his own space. It is also a snug, warm place for pooch to sleep when on the road.

Portable soft dog crates, like this one from Mr. Peanut's, are a better choice for travel than hard-sided or metal wire crates. They are made from flexible fabric, which makes them lightweight and easier to carry.

With that said, these types of crates are not suitable for all dogs. If your pup is not crate trained yet, or likes to chew and scratch, a soft dog crate is not a good choice. Likewise, if your dog is not potty trained or has incontinence issues, a fabric crate will be difficult to clean.

If you think the Mr. Peanut's Folding Pet Crate might be right for your pet, keep reading for all the product details.

Mr. Peanut's Folding Pet Crate Review

Mr. Peanut Folding Pet Crate

As you will see in my video review, it only takes about 30 seconds to fold this crate out. The open mesh windows are great for dogs that don't like to feel closed in. There is also a comfy fleece pad for your dog to snuggle up on.

The pop-up aluminum frame of this folding pet crate is lightweight, yet durable. There are three sizes available:

  • 24″L x 18″W x 17″H
  • 30″L x 20″W x 19″H
  • 36″L x 24″W x 23″H

If you're looking for a different style crate, a pet carrier or a stroller for your pup, you can check out all of the options available on the Mr. Peanut ‘s website. This foldable crate isn't airline approved, but Mr. Peanut's does have multiple airline approved carriers available.

There are 2 doors – one on the top and one on the front of the crate. The top door feature is nice, especially if your dog is timid about walking into his crate. You can easily place in through the top door.

The sides are made of Oxford 600D fabric. It's a durable material but still won't hold up to scratching and chewing. I also mentioned that soft sided crates can be harder to clean than hard crates. While this is true, the Oxford fabric is easy to wipe down or clean with soap and water. There is also a removable, washable fleece liner on the bottom of the crate.

The Mr. Peanut's Folding Pet Crate features an ID holder, a leash tether and a seatbelt attachment. As you'll see in my video guide, there is also a large pocket on the top of the crate for storing leashes, travel dog bowls, food and treats for your pet.

Based on the quality of the crate, the versatile design and ease of use, I would definitely say that this product is a good value for the money. It retails for $99-$119 on Amazon right now. As I mentioned, you can also find this crate and all the other options from Mr. Peanut's on the company's website.

You may think that $100+ is quite expensive, and it certainly won't fit into everyone's budget. However, the price is actually less than or equal to most similar crates on the market. Hard sided crates are typically much more expensive, and cheaper soft sided crates are made with less features and poor quality materials.

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