Revolutionary 5-in-1 ZuGo Pet Carrier Is What Dog Owners Were Waiting For

I've never seen a product as versatile as this ZuGo Pet Carrier. It is 5 products in 1! These bags retail for $200, but as you can see in the video you'd spend much more than that if you bought all 5 products separately. This durable bag has a waterproof canvas interior that will keep your pet comfortable and warm while traveling. 

Although its main function is that of a pet carrier, this bag transforms in many ways. It is a designer pet handbag with adjustable straps. One strap can be removed from the bag and converted into a hands free walking leash. The dog purse can still be used with the shorter strap, so you could care for two small pets at once.

There is also a clip on each end of the leash that can be used to attach your pet to almost any stationary object. Because the inside of the carrier is so warm and comfortable, it also makes a great dog bed. Don't think ZuGo forgot about your pet's traveling needs, because this carrier is airline compliant and can also transform into a dog car seat for road trips.

As a car seat, the bag hangs between the two front seats of your vehicle. It acts as a hammock and wraps around your dog's body. This gives him a feeling of security that may help reduce anxiety and car sickness. The bag is 10 inches wide and 16 inches long, and it is recommended for dogs weighing less than 15 pounds.

The ZuGo Pet Carrier is available in black, white or pink and weighs about 2 pounds. Measure your pet before you think about ordering this bag. He should be less than 10 inches tall and 14 inches long. That way he'll have room to move around comfortably while inside. There are openings on the top and side of the bag for easy access to your dog, and both openings also have a zippered mesh covering that you can use to keep your dog safe while giving him plenty of ventilation.

It sure seems that ZuGo has thought of everything when it comes to convenience and versatility. Without trying the bag it is impossible to say whether it is a good buy or not, but it would definitely be worth the expense if it is as durable and functional as the company claims it is. If you've tried this bag or you own one, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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