Ruffwear Has Created The Ultimate Outdoor Sleep System for Dogs

The Ultimate Sleeping System from Ruffwear may just be the best outdoor sleep system on the market for dogs. Unfortunately, it's pretty pricey and all three pieces are sold separately. If you've got the money in your budget and you camp with your pet often, this investment will definitely provide your dog with all the creature comforts of home while you're out in the woods.

This three part system includes the Landing Pad, the Highlands Bed, and the Highlands Sleeping Bag. Purchasing all three would give you the Ultimate Sleeping System, but each piece can also be purchased separately if you choose. The Landing Pad is a packable, closed-cell foam pad that can be used as a barrier between your dog and the damp ground if used by itself. The accordion-fold design compacts and secures with an integrated storage strap, so it can easily fit in a pack.

Then there is the Highlands Bed which adds an extra layer of comfort. The Landing Pad can slip inside and it can be secured to the ground via the four attached stake-out loops. This dog bed also comes with a stuff sack for easy carrying on the trail. The bed offers a nice layer of insulation that will keep your dog warmer than the Landing Pad alone.

To form the trifecta for the Ultimate Sleeping System, you need to purchase the Highlands Sleeping Bag. It's exactly what it sounds like; a canine sleeping bag with a slotted bottom so the landing pad can fit inside nicely. The Highlands Bed can be laid in the middle, and you can enclose your dog in the sleeping bag and zip it snugly around him. If you're camping somewhere that gets chilly at night, this is a great investment to keep your pet safe, warm, and comfortable.

This whole set will run you about $200, which is way out of most pet parents' budgets for an outdoor dog bed. If it's something you're interested in, you could choose to buy each piece separately until you have collected the entire system. It probably wouldn't be worth the investment unless you frequently hike, camp, or spend time with your pet outside. However, if you do, this product will give you peace of mind in knowing that your dog will be just as comfortable outdoors as he is at home.

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