The SamSam Dog Sidecar Attaches to Most Bicycles
Photo: Aad Berkel

Pet owners enjoy taking their dogs everywhere with them, especially on outdoor adventures. Walking, running, hiking, biking, and many other outdoor activities are even more fun when our canine companions can come along. Walkers and runners can bring their dogs along in strollers or dog backpacks, but the options are more limited for bikers.

Many of the canine attachments for bicyclists still allow the dog to pull on the bike or allow them enough slack to get tangled in the wheels. These options are dangerous for the dog as well as the rider. A new device from the Netherlands, called the SamSam, is a sidecar for bikers who wish to take their pets along with them without dealing with the hassles of other products.

The SamSam Dog Sidecar Attaches to Most Bicycles
Photo: Aad Berkel

The unique dog bike trailer connects easily to virtually any adult-size bicycle. Since the trailer is connected to the side of the bike, instead of the back, you are always in direct contact with your dog.

He can always see you, which will comfort him and allow him to enjoy the ride even more. Also, because he is next to you he has an unobstructed view – something else that makes dogs feel more comfortable.

The trailer and the bicycle together only have a width of 41 inches, meaning that you can still travel on bike paths and sidewalks. The SamSam dog trailer is suitable for pets weighing less than 55 pounds and who are no taller than 22 inches. Unfortunately this means it is only suitable for small and medium breeds.

Right now, these SamSam sidecars for dogs can be purchased online or in select pet specialty stores, but the company is hoping to expand its retail market soon. While they are currently hard to find in the U.S., there are some similar alternatives:

Note that other brands differ from the originator SamSam. The key feature is that the SamSam uses the company’s patented B-Connect link to attach the sidecar to the bicycle. More than 80% of bikes are compatible with this device. The SamSam is not compatible with E-bikes with a mid-engine, mountain bikes, or bikes with an extra low access. The front and back of the bicycle cannot have any obstacles, like foot pegs, either. Also, the back wheel must be 26 or 28 inches in diameter.

Currently, the SamSam only comes in red with dark grey accents, and the trailer is equipped with reflective stripes. It features three leash rings so you can leash your dog in many different positions or use the trailer to carry multiple small dogs. There is also a soft mat (sold separately) for added comfort if you choose.

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