The Schnuzzle Is an Impressively Innovative New Dog Toy

The Schnuzzle, by Clever Dog, is an all-new innovative chew toy designed to attract, entertain, and engage canines like no other toy on the market. It has changeable surfaces, textures, and colors, and the coolest part is that it even has changeable smells.

That's right, changeable smells! The core of the ball is uniquely designed to fit a patented Schnuzzle Scent Disc. The discs only release their aroma when the ball is reconnected and the micro-encapsulated surface is pierced.

Getting out odors can be tough, but the Schnuzzle doesn't release the smell onto your hands, carpet, or furniture. More scent is released every time it’s played with, or whenever you turn the toy. The scent lasts for days, making it a great toy to entertain and stimulate your dog, even when you’re not home.

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