Sick Pets Can Get a Virtual Vet Visit With the Help of This Nashville Start-up

Most pet owners know the feeling of panic that runs through you when your dog gets hurt or acts sick in the middle of the night. The veterinarian’s office isn’t open, and you’re stuck wondering if it is worth the trip and the enormous bill to take them to the emergency vet clinic. Two Nashville brothers have now created an app that brings vet advice to pet owners anytime, day or night.

Vet On Demand launched earlier this month and brings telemedicine to pet owners with a few simple clicks.

Curt and Mason Revelette are the owners of Jonathan’s Grille and have now taken their entrepreneurial skills to the pet technology market.

The app lets users explain what is going on with their pet and show the animal's symptoms through the use of video chat.

The most difficult thing about pet ownership is that we can never tell how our animals are feeling.

They cannot communicate their symptoms to us or explain to us how they are feeling.

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Many times, their symptoms may be common, and the issue is probably going to go away on its own.

And now, with the use of this app, pet owners no longer have to worry about whether they should take their pet to the vet or wait and see if the issue goes away or gets worse.

Users of the app pay by the minute for a veterinarian to give them insight and advice.

The vet may be able to tell them how to treat the issue at home, or they could let the owner know that an in-person exam is needed.

Vet On Demand takes the guesswork out of caring for your pet’s health needs.

Sick Pets Can Get a Virtual Vet Visit With the Help of This Nashville Start-up

It costs $2.50 per minute to use the app, and 70% of that money goes to the vet. That translates to $105 per hour for the vet to be on call.

The additional revenue would be great for anyone, but it could be especially helpful to veterinarians who are trying to build up their practice or to vets who are looking to work more flexible hours.

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Vet On Demand allows the vet to keep notes and take pictures that can be saved in the animal’s profile so the owner doesn’t have to start from scratch if they need to call again.

The information can also be shown to the animal’s regular veterinarian, so they will know what advice was already given.

Right now, the app is only available on iOS, and it is merely in the early stages of development.

Nearly 20 vets have signed on across the United States and Canada so far.

A few hundred users have downloaded the app, so the Revelettes say that the key will be to balance the number of vets with the app users to ensure an adequate supply of vets on call at all times.

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