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21 Unusual Facts on Dogs

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Photo: Don Linville

The most common fact about dogs is that they are truly a man’s best friend.

This term has become an epitome of a cliche about dogs. But very few pet owners know about these unusual facts on dogs that will surprise most.

We also know that canines are one of the most clever animals on Earth, and this has been proven over and over again.

Pet owners have seen their dogs learn some of the most incredible tricks fast, and a lot of us know that canines are actually even smarter than we give them credit for, and there's more than meets the eye.

Here are some interesting facts on dogs that you might not have been aware of.

21 Unusual Facts You Didn't Know About Dogs

1. Dogs are like toddlers

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Photo: Christian Collins

Dogs are smart. Your dog can understand up to 250 words and different gestures.

You may have seen that when training your dog, but did you know your dog’s mentality is that of a two-year old?

And that a one-year-old dog is as physically mature as a 15-year-old?

So you are dealing with a toddler in a teenager’s body.

2. Great short-term memory

Your dog has a surprisingly amazing short-term memory. They can only remember what has happened in the past five minutes.

It’s good to keep this in mind. If you scold them for something that happened earlier that day, they will probably have no idea why you are scolding them.

3. They don't like hugs

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Photo: UCI UC Irvine

While your pooch may tolerate being hugged on by you or your children, they are not a big fan of hugs.

Dogs see you hugging them more as you being a dominate figure rather than loving. They do not understand what hugs mean, unfortunately, and will only tolerate this behavior.

4. Frito feet

Your dog has something called “Frito Feet.” It’s basically a form of puppy B.O.

Since your dog walks on the pads of their feet all day, they pick up bacteria on the pads.

When they get sweaty, the mix of moisture and bacteria makes them have a smell similar to Fritos.

5. Different jaw structures

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Photo: Mikko Miettinen

Puppies like to nip when they play.

There's a need for them to engage their teeth with something constantly, and most often, dog toys become very handy.

Did you know that your puppy has 28 teeth and your full-grown pup has 42?

That’s a big difference!

A dog's mouth can also exert anywhere from 200 pounds to 450 pounds of pressure per square inch. Ouch!

6. Dogs and their noses

Our pets have nuzzled us all to find a very wet nose.

That wet nose helps them to absorb scents.

They then lick their nose to taste the scent.

For dogs, their noses are one of the most important parts of the body.

It's how they see the world and orientate themselves.

There's even an awesome TED video about dogs and their noses.

7. Sense of smell, taste and sight

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Photo: PKub

Dogs have 1,700 taste buds, and their sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 more accurate than humans.

There was also a very common myth which was said that dogs only see black and white.

It's not true.

In reality, dogs see primary colors, mostly blues, greens, and grays, and various shades of these colors.

They also have great night vision as well.

8. They hear better than you do

A dog’s sense of hearing is ten times more accurate than a human’s ears.

The reason you can hardly ever surprise or ambush your pooch is that they will often hear you from “miles” away.

Canines also have several separate muscles in their ears to help move them around like little radars.

The reason dogs don’t like the rain is because the sound is too sensitive for their ears.

9. Dogs have a prostate

Unusual Facts on Dogs 5
Photo: Jorge Flores

The only other mammal to have a prostate, other than humans, is dogs.

However, dogs do not have an appendix.

They also suffer from prostate cancers more rarely, although that problem, as well as anything else related to the prostate, obviously, still occurs.

10. A variety of expressions

Your dog has 100 different facial expressions, most of which are made with their ears.

The only breed that has a significant amount less is the bulldog with only 10 different expressions.

Not only that, but they also can understand your expressions and emotions, too.

11. Dogs love to curl up

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Photo: kerim

It’s so cute to see our little pup snuggled up into a little ball.

Did you know that it is the instinct that causes them to do that?

Dogs curl up into a ball to keep warm and protect their vital organs from predators.

12. They're a little jealous, too

Have you seen your pup get upset when you show affection to another pet?

Your little canine gets jealous!

Even though they get jealous, they do not feel guilty for sneaking a snack.

They may appear guilty when they get caught but don’t take that as a sign that they are the guilty party.

They just look like that.

13. Not every wag is a happy wag

Unusual Facts on Dogs 7
Photo: Don Linville

That tail-wagging you see when they come to greet you may not be a sign of affection and excitement.

It all depends on the direction of the wag to know what they are thinking.

If they wag their tail to the right, then they are excited, and if the wag is to the left, they are frightened.

If the tail wag is down low, then they are insecure and rapid tail wagging is them showing aggression.

14. Nose prints

Your puppy’s nose is as distinct as your fingerprint.

Not only a dog's nose is very important to canines during their daily lives, but every dog has their very own marking on their nose that can be used to identify them.

15. Dogs experience love

Unusual Facts on Dogs 8
Photo: Mega Udonitron

Love is in the air, even for your dog.

Did you know that dogs feel love just like people do?

Some scientists believe that dogs release a “love” hormone named oxytocin when interacting with their humans or other dogs, just like humans do when they show affection.

Certain studies have already shown that to be true.

16. Some dogs are richer than you are

And the estate goes to…Lassie.

There are famous dogs around, most of whom are known for their movie roles.

But were you aware that some dogs also own properties and funds?

There are around 1,000,000 dogs who are named as beneficiaries in their owner’s will.

17. Dogs love receiving voice mail

Unusual Facts on Dogs 9
Photo: Christine und David Schmitt

Your pooch left home alone?

It is estimated that 33 percent of pet owners call their homes and leave messages for their pups on voicemail.

Some owners leave the radio or television on while they're gone so their dog doesn't feel alone.

It has been found to work on some canines but not others.

18. Owners love their pets in photos

“Say cheese!”

When was the last time you asked your dog to do this?

Surveys show that 58 percent of dog owners have their pets included in their family photos, and 77 percent sign their pets’ names on greeting cards.

And 80 percent of dogs are given as gifts.

19. Spaying is definitely worth it

Unusual Facts on Dogs 10
Photo: Lisa L Wiedmeier

Are you still considering whether neutering or spaying your dog is a worthwhile procedure?

Check this number out.

Statistics show that if you choose not to spay your female, she, her mate, and her offspring can produce up to 67,000 puppies over the course of 6 years.

That’s a lot of puppies!

20. USA is the most dog-loving country

There is an estimated 400 million dogs in the world.

The United States of America turns out to be the number one dog-loving country out of them all tho. We have the largest population in the world, with one in every three families owning a dog.

21. Pets keeping pets

Unusual Facts on Dogs 11
Photo: Susanne Nilsson

Still not convinced about the evolution, or how humane it is to keep pets?

Even though usually it’s only humans that have kept dogs as pets throughout the history of the world, now some scientists believe that baboons near Saudi Arabia kidnap puppies and enjoy the same type of relationship as we do.

In return, the puppies protect the pack.

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