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You Won’t Believe The Epic Discovery These Scientists Made

You Won’t Believe The Epic Discovery These Scientists Made

A dog has been found intact with teeth and fur in the permafrost from 12,460 years ago! This is truly an incredible story. This dog was frozen after a landslide during the ice age.

DNA testing has confirmed that this dog is the relative of another dog found in the same region about 4 years ago. This discovery confirms that dogs have been working with humans since the time of the cave men.

The scientists shown in the video posing in the mountains were surprised to find the dog so well preserved. His fur was still visible and you can see his paws and head. The dog is helping the scientists to understand the role that dogs played in the lives of the humans of that time.

This was back during the time that humans hunted wooly mammoths for food, and the scientists have now confirmed using their specially designed tests that this was in fact a hunting dog.

You Won’t Believe The Epic Discovery These Scientists Made

It’s so cool to know that dogs have been a part of human’s lives for so long. It reminds us that we are genetically inclined to have them as a part of our family. It also shows how dogs are used to help humans, and it reminds us to give dogs jobs in order to channel their excess energy.

This dog was found in the permafrost in Russia. Can you imagine trekking into the middle of nowhere and finding something that will change history? These scientists must be proud of their discovery. Digging around in the dirt for so long finally paid off!

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As you see in this video, it takes you back in time, when humans ran and chased for their food. It helps us realize the dogs were helping people survive. I guess you can say we really owe them a lot, because dogs have definitely helped us on our evolutionary path!

They are calling the two dogs that were found in the permafrost at different times the Turmat Dogs because they are near the Turmat Village. This is a small village most people have never heard of, but this discovery has given it more attention. The scientists found burned mammoth remains by the dogs, and this is what confirmed that the dogs were a part of the hunting.

You Won’t Believe The Epic Discovery These Scientists Made

Not to be too gory, but but I think it’s incredible that the dog’s organs and stomach were even intact. They still had the stuff they had eaten in their stomach. The original discovery of the puppy was made by tusk hunters who then contacted the local wooly mammoth museum. They are really expecting this find to be groundbreaking (pun intended) for understanding the history of dogs.

When the puppy nose was found sticking out of the permafrost, they didn’t know how big of a discovery this actually was. Then once the mammoth remains were found burned and cut up, the rest was history. Watch this video, which shows the scientists studying the remains of this puppy.

This is truly a rare find, because usually the bones of a puppy wouldn’t be strong enough to withstand time. Thankfully, the temperatures were low enough to mummify them.

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