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21 Situations When Dogs Hate Their Humans


1“I really hate it when your little human forgets about boundaries.”

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2”Or when you think that you’re a celebrity and we need to be remembered.”

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3“When you’re talking so much, you become so annoying. Like I’ll ever understand you, hmpf!”

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4“No kissing tonight honey, I’m too tired!”

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5“Didn’t I tell you to back off?!”

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6“Nor I am an avid fan of your hugs!”

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7“Or when you stare at me up close and think it’s cute.”

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8”Trust me, you don’t want to blow on me.”

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9“And if you…”

10“I hate it when you laugh at me, instead of helping!”

11“I’m glad that me being uncomfortable amuses you, but…”

12“What’s with the Cone of Shame?”

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13“Just give me my bone, dammit!”

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14“And stop barking louder than me!”

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15“Don’t even attempt to confront me with violence!”

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16“You should keep your fingers to yourself.”

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17“I hate it when you doll myself up for your own amusement, again!”

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18“Or when you eat so voraciously and won’t share even a small bite.”

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19“And when you sleep all day long instead of playing ball with me!”

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20“Or when you force me to stay in the bathtub and take a shower!”

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21“Or become the meanest teaser ever!”

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