Review: SleekEZ Pet Grooming Tool

You may have seen the pictures of this pet brush and wondered what exactly it is. The SleekEZ pet grooming tool has a unique design to remove loose fur from pets with short coats.

Removing short hair from carpet and upholstery can be more difficult than removing long hair. Short hairs poke into upholstery and work their way down into the carpet. They can be difficult to remove.

Not to say that all shed pet hair isn't annoying, but short hair can be particularly stubborn to remove.

When I saw the SleekEZ, I will admit that I was skeptical. The blade is small, and there is just one blade.

I'm used to seeing deshedding tools with multiple blades or lots of teeth. After trying this product with my pack for a few weeks, I can honestly say that it does remove a fair amount of hair from our short-haired dogs and cats.

SleekEZ Pet Grooming Tool Review

SleekEZ Grooming Tool

This product is 100% made in the United States. I come from a family of small business owners, so it's important for me to support companies that manufacture and assemble their products in the USA.

The SleekEZ pet grooming tool is made of poplar wood and features a stainless steel blade.

The oval, ergonomic design is certainly unique. I have never used a tool that is shaped quite like this one. It's comfortable to hold for long grooming sessions, even if you're brushing multiple pets.

The blade is as unique as the handle. The patented woven pattern of the blade removes loose hair without pulling and tugging.

When I tell you that I've tested this product well, I promise that you can take my advice. We have 3 dogs and 7 cats, so I put this grooming tool through its paces.

I wouldn't recommend this brush for every pet, but it is ideal for short and wire-haired animals. The SleekEZ would be suitable for virtually any pet with short hair, from dogs and cats to horses and guinea pigs.

This brush is available in 3 sizes – 2.5”, 5” and 10” in length. It retails for $17.95-$21.95 on Amazon, depending on the size that you need.

If you're looking for an inexpensive deshedding tool to use on your short or wired hair pet, I would recommend the SleekEZ as a good value for the money.

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