Slow Speedy Eaters With this Specially Designed Dog Bowl

Many pet owners don't realize the harmful effects of their dog's aggressive eating. Eating too fast can cause chocking, vomiting, or the development of bloat. It can also lead to overeating, which will eventually lead to obesity and a whole list of other health problems. The Control Bowl from ProSelect Pet Products is specifically designed to slow your dog's eating.

This dog bowl's patented design forces your pet to have to work for his dog food. Along with preventing issues with eating to fast, slower eating also improves your dog's digestion and gives his body a chance to absorb more of the nutrients in his food.

The bowl is made from durable, food-safe melamine, and there is a non-skid rubber ring around the bottom. It is dishwasher safe, and the Control Bowl has been approved by the FDA for use with dry kibble and canned food.

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