Smart Pet Love Uses Heartbeat Technology to Soothe Dogs

Many dogs suffer from conditions like separation anxiety, travel anxiety and fear of loud noises. As a dog owner it is difficult to watch your pet struggle and not be able to help soothe them. Lots of new products have been hitting the market lately to help dogs with these issues, but only one of them uses heartbeat technology.

Puppies and dogs are social pack animals that are naturally drawn to others. The Snuggle Puppy by Smart Pet Love recreates the intimacy and physical warmth of a mother by using a simulated heartbeat. The results are a happier, more calm and peaceful pup with less fear and anxiety.

The device is a small stuffed toy that has a compartment inside where a heat pack can be inserted. It also has a real-feel pulsing “heartbeat.” This product allows dog owners to soothe their pet without the use of medications or restraint. The dog is calmed because the toy appeals to their natural instincts.

Smart Pet Love Uses Heartbeat Technology to Soothe Dogs

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The heartbeat runs on batteries and will last about 2 weeks with continuous around the clock use. It does have a power switch so you can turn it on and off when necessary if you choose. Dogs are drawn to the sound as a natural comfort, much like they would be to their mother or other pack members in the wild.

There are two different heat sources that can be used in the Snuggle Puppy. There are disposable heat packs which last 24 hours and are safe for both humans and dogs. However, for the eco-friendly consumer there is an all-natural reusable heat pack that can be microwaved over and over to save resources and money.

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Smart Pet Love also has a complete line of products and accessories for both cats and dogs. The line includes Snuggle Blankets, Snuggle Beds, chew toys, and potty pads. All their products are specially designed to respond to the anxiety and comfort needs of our beloved pets.

They also manufacture The Safe and Sound Harness which not only works as a comfortable and secure harness for walking your dog, but also houses a pulsing heart in a pocket against the chest of your pet. This soothes dogs that have anxiety issues while traveling or while out in public. It can also help to reduce aggressive behavior while walking and improve overall walking behavior.