Teach Your Dog to Stop Barking With the Auto Trainer

Dogs that bark incessantly are not only a nuisance to you, but they also disturb neighbors and irritate guests. As frustrating as it is, training your dog not to bark can be a challenge. The biggest problem is that most of the time your dog spends all day barking when you’re not home, so it’s hard for him to understand why you don’t want him to bark when you’re there. The Auto Trainer from PetSafe offers consistent training to help teach your dog not to bark in a humane way.

The Auto Trainer works by rewarding quiet time. Your pet wears a collar that detects barking by using a patented dual-detection technology. This technology allows the collar to pick up only on your dog’s barking and no other loud noises. The collar also records his barking so you can monitor your dog’s progress over time.

The Auto Trainer collar is linked to an automatic treat dispenser that can be filled with your choice of dog treats or kibble. When your dog is quiet he will be rewarded. When he barks he will earn no reward. The dispenser releases dog food periodically while your pet is quiet. If he barks it resets the cycle. The Auto Trainer is equipped with a sleep mode so that if the collar is out of range or there is a long period of inactivity for some reason the battery will not be drained.

Since the collar records your dog’s barks, you can view his bark history by the hour on the display screen of the treat dispensing unit. This will allow you to see if the training is working. This product could also help with feeding dogs who gulp their food. Because it spaces out the food sporadically over the course of the day, it will aid in digestion and prevent speedy eaters from devouring their meal.

The bowl that the dog food or treats drop into is equipped with a Muzzle Detection feature that knows when you dog has eaten his reward. It won’t continue the training until the previous reward has been eaten. This device is recommended for indoor use only and can’t be used with wet food. The collar will only detect the bark of the dog wearing it, so if you want to train multiple dogs they will each need their own unit. Likewise, if you have multiple dogs and are only training one, you’ll have to separate them so one dog doesn’t eat the other’s reward.

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