The Teaser Ball is Two Dog Toys in One

Your dog is going to spend hours trying to figure out the Teaser Ball by Jolly Pets. It's a ball in a ball and it is sure to keep your dog guessing. The best part is, the inside ball won't fit through the holes of the outside ball, so you don't have to worry about that.

Jolly Pets even recommends putting a little peanut butter on the inside ball to drive your dog even more wild. Your dog will chase, chomp, scratch, and lunge to try and get the inner ball out. This toy is rigid, but not extremely hard, making it great for indoor or outdoor play.

The Teaser Ball comes in three sizes: small (4.5”) for dogs 0-20 pounds, medium (6”) for dogs 20-60 pounds, and large (8”) for dogs over 60 pounds. It also comes in clue, purple, or red. These dog toys are available online and from select retailers.

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